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African Caribbean society is orientated around unity, entertainment and empowerment. The society focuses on giving students the opportunity to experience the warm and vibrant culture through different medias. This is accomplished through music, drama, food, poetry and dances etc. We exist to complement the academic diversity of the university. We make our members aware of the career opportunities available, as well as help members develop skills required to excel in their career paths.

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2014/2015 Committee Executives

Sarah Olubunmi

ACS President

Johnoi 'Jay' Josephs

ACS Vice President

Serena Hanotu

ACS Treasurer

Vivica Gravesande


Sedji Acolatse

Event Co-ordinator

Andre Wallace-Loizou

Event Co-ordinator

Odunola Akinyemi

Street team rep

Shaloy Thomas

Volunteering Officer

Angela Muruli

Publicity Officer

regular meeting times, socials, events

ACS Meet and Greet

ACS Cultural Show

ACS Fright Night

ACS Debate Night

ACS Movie night

ACS Annual Meeting

SEO talk (Academic)



And many more events to come!

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society aims

  • Establish a recognised African Caribbean Society that is easily accessible to prospective students and current students
  • Encourage the Essex community to become one
  • Empower ACS members
  • To build a close relationship with the student union
  • To work closely with other cultural societies within the university
  • To work closely with other African Caribbean societies around England
  • To share and celebrate exciting, colourful, warm and vibrant African Caribbean culture


society objectives

  • To extend the diversity of the society by openly welcoming those of different backgrounds, cultures and origins
  • To contribute to helping the community

  • To successfully celebrate the African and Caribbean culture through different medias

  • To collaborate with other societies so that we may also benefit in gaining other experiences
  • To build external links with organizations that supports the progression of the African Caribbean society.





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