Charities 07/08


We support a number of charities here in the Students' Union and we are proud of the input from all of our staff and students who help us by fundraising and donating.

The latest...

Fun Run
Dress as Santa and run 3km for charity on the 9th Dec, find out more and join the facebook group here

Children in Need
We successfully raised over £400 for Children in Need so thank you to all of those involved!

Students have already raised over £900 this term for different charities including Breast Cancer Awareness, what an achievement!

Just giving
Click here to visit the just giving site.

RAG stands for Raising and Giving.  The RAG team raise money for worthwhile courses; Colchester Rape Crisis Line and the East Anglia Children Hospices to name just a few for the forth coming academic year.  The RAG team offers support to those who wish to raise money for a charity and is a fun and exciting way to meet people and take positive action to help those who are in need.

There is a Society RAG week in week 3, a Sports Club RAG week 12 and a university wide RAG week in the second term.

The RAG committee is elected each year and consists of 7 positions:

Secretary, Daniel Croucher
(Organises minutes and meeting of the RAG committee)

Treasurer, Matthew Bennett
(Controls and manages the RAG finances)

Publicity and Recruitment Officer, Alex Newall
(Oversees volunteer recruitment and retention. Helps publicise events with local media and within the campus.)

Events Officer, Lilli Studholme-Landau
(Arranges events and plans the terms calendar.  Organises and promotes social aspects within RAG)

Collection and Raids Officer, Elle Smith

(Oversees and supervises collections and raids.)

General Representatives (2)
– Elected in the first term to support the committee.

If you want to get involved with RAG or want to find out more information then please contact

RAG Committee – Can you let me know if there is any move information you would like to go on to the website? Also, if you provide me with photos then we can put them on next to your name.