mondo night

after dark

After spending the day as a pizzeria, Mondo transforms in superhero-like fashion into a 250 person capacity bar for the evening, without the costume and catchphrases, obviously. Mondo has a great relaxed atmosphere, perfect to chill out with a drink in the seating area. Even if you've had too many Red Bulls to be sitting down for too long, Mondo has enough of a dancefloor for you to make some shapes on.

Mondo is also available to hire for private events, please contact mondo@essex.ac.uk for more information or to make a booking.

what makes it special

Being adjacent to Level 2, the doors connecting the two can be opened, creating a 550 person capacity setting, that mixes the relaxed bar feel of Mondo, with the intimate club feel of Level 2.
One-off events often take place in Mondo, please check the Events Page for more information