what are vital stats?

To measure how we're doing against our four promises we created our 'Vital Stats' - a termly review where we speak to over 1,000 members and get their honest opinion on how we're doing.

In keeping with our no-bullshit mentality we then publish these as beautiful icons and infographics, so that all members, staff and stakeholders can see how we're getting on so far.

1371 people took part in this survey 999 from Colchester, 246 in Southend,and 107 in Loughton and we've made these clever icons, which show the results of the latest survey when you click on them...

Here's the break down of responses: 


Do you consider yourself a member of the SU?


down 6.6% from OCTOBER 2015


don't know

up 1% from OCTOBER 2015


UP 6% from OCTOBER 2015



Membership Recognition Over Time


SU out of 10

We ask you to rate your Students’ Union on a scale of 0-10. Here you can see what you think of the Students’ Union over time, and this gives us an indicator of whether or not we are delivering on our vision.


Net Promoter Score

What is a Net Promoter Score? And how do we work this out?

Based on your answer to the "How likely are you to recommend us to a friend?" question, we calculate the NPS score in the following way : the percentage of students that gave us a score of 9 or 10,  substracted from the percentage of students who gave us a score of 6 or lower. Scores of 7 and 8 do not modify the net promoter score. The NPS shows us who our biggest fans, and critics are, to give us a realistic view of how members feel. The NPS is also a benchmarking technique that companies use all over the world.

Here's a breakdown of the scores you gave us

And that gives us a net promoter score of:


This means a Decrease of 2 from last term


NPS breakdown over time


NPS comparison




















The main statistic below shows what you scored us on average for this promise. The other statistics below show the average scores for the most popular comments you gave us.

It’s up to me to get a good degree and this is supported by the university.

The university is doing most of the work towards contributing to my degree. (1)

I don’t think the SU has an influence on my degree at all that's up to the teachers and me.(0)

I believe that getting an amazing degree is reliant on my individual performance and the SU can’t really assist with that.(1)

It helps my social life- not my degree

I don’t think the purpose of the SU is to help me study, I think it is more not to feel lonely and to be engaged in some activities (0)

I don’t feel they affect my learning experience here, only my social experience.  (3)

It is separate and a way of socialising away from my degree instead of directly helping me (4)

Help in getting an amazing job is irrelevant to me

I’m on a vocational course so I don’t feel I need help with getting a job.(0)

I’m in my first year and not looking for a job at the moment.  (2)

I already have a job.(1)

CV Building Skills

It gives me experiences in leadership and to take as many chances as possible . (9)

Being a course rep really helps me stand out as a candidate for potential jobs.(10)

By offering jobs and volunteering programmes it helps us gain experience as well as a great degree which is exactly what employers are looking for. (9)

Paid Work Experience


They give me job opportunities, flexible working hours, co workers events, workshops and certificates.(9)

They’ve given me an amazing job! (10)

I have a job in the SU related to my degree, and this is allowing me to improve my skills.(8)



The main statistic below shows what you scored us on average for this promise. The other statistics below show the average scores for the most popular comments you gave us.

I don’t understand what a kick ass membership is

I didn’t know I had a membership (2)

I do not feel like a member at all. More could be done to make me feel like a member rather than just telling me I am one. (2)

I did not know that my membership existed (3)

I think the SU is too alcohol and party focused

I don’t really use much of what the SU has to offer since I don’t drink, and I feel lots of the events are focused on drinking. (3)

I’m not a clubber and I don’t drink so I don’t understand what my money is going to.  (0)

The SU is great for someone who likes going out, but that’s not me. (6)

The SU is too expensive


I spend a lot of money at the SU store and bar, I don't see how the prices reflect what a Students’ Union should be charging considering it's never that adventurous.(7)

I’m in my first year and not looking for a job at the moment.  (2)

The cost to enter sub zero is sometimes very expensive and the drinks are a lot more than in other universities.(3)

I feel like part of the family

I feel like I'm a full member of the Student's Union, unlike other SU’s, ours really does have the community feel about it and we are like a family. (9)

Because it is like being part of a family.(10)

I feel like a genuine member of Essex and I feel as if I am part of the Essex family, this is due to all the hard work the SU put in on the first few weeks at university to make us all feel welcome and at home. (9)

It's lovely to feel included as a member of the family.(10)

The activities available

My great opinion of the SU is mostly based around sports activities.(8)

It offers the chance to take part of several activities. No matter if you would like to be part of a certain society or programme, you will always be welcomed to attend events and meet new people.(10)

I can go to any Just Play session and join a team. I'm comfortable to going to any event they promote knowing it will never be awkward or that I will feel out of place.(10)

Free sport is brilliant

Free sports is so decent!(7)

Love the free sport! (9)

It provides many facilities that I love - free sports for example! (10)

The main statistic below shows what you scored us on average for this promise. The other statistics below show the average scores for the most popular comments you gave us.

I don’t know who to go to to have my say

I feel that it may be difficult for me to actually reach someone if i need something(8)

I know that if I had a problem i would probably be welcomed with arms wide open but I never really know who I am supposed to talk to (7)

I don't really know how to get my voice heard. (5)


Communication is very poor when it comes to having a say… there is late notice emails and little response or change(3)

Things decided by the SU are not always advertised efficiently to students, so no, I don’t feel I have a say.  (2)

You can vote for the president and officers, but there is not much information available on what they actually do.(4)

One opinion won’t make a difference

I'm one in thousands of students I don’t think that I have much of a say(4)

In order to get want you want you often need a group of people who want the same thing as you.  (7)

Truth be told, unless a greater number of students has an issue with something, the SU doesn't help when it comes to students' personal say. The SU need to take into account every say but if that voice is not being backed up by at least a hundred more , they don't seem to care.(6)


I’m constantly asked for ideas and listened too.(8)

The SU is putting a great effort into getting student's feedback in order to help them.(9)

The ideas page is a great way to get ideas and support across.(9)

I recognise the SU token system as a way of having my say

The voting boxes in the SU store allow this but I do not see the results taking any action.(6)

I have my say by having a token to vote every week. (5)

The only say I have is the golden chip coins in the SU shop.(3)

I don’t get involved in having a say

Mainly because I haven't suggested anything to be answered…yet. (0)

I’m sure I do but haven't needed that say much (6)

I feel I have the opportunity to have a say, but I haven't had many complaints so I haven't used the SU to its full potential(7)

The main statistic below shows what you scored us on average for this promise. The other statistics below show the average scores for the most popular comments you gave us.


There is not enough post graduate stuff!(6)

It’s irrelevant for post graduates.(0)

It feels less relevant for postgraduates as so much of what the SU does is aimed at undergraduates - there is much less time to take up the opportunities/support provided by the SU once postgrad level is reached, and a lot of it seems only aimed at undergraduates anyway. (5)


I am a mature student, who is not on campus much. I do not know of anything the student union could offer me.(2)

There isn't too much about mature students with children, or if there is it isn't advertised  (5)

I have taken part in a lot of activities on campus and again the safety bus is of great use to everyone living of campus. However, I am a mature student and I feel that the SU main concern is the younger students. (4)

I don’t really feel part of the SU, so It doesn’t benefit me

I don't feel a massive part of the SU as a whole.(1)

I only access university during lectures or for space to complete my work. Never have i used the SU for anything other than refreshments from the bar.  (0)

I don't need it for anything all my needs are met. (4)

It’s relevant to me because I’m a student here

I think it's very relevant because all the activities we do on campus are organized by the SU.(8)

It is very relevant as I am a student of this university and I love to attend many activities, workshops and volunteering events.(10)

The SU's decisions affect me every day. I spend a large amount of time on campus for both work and leisure. (10)

Societies benefit me, as they are shaped around me

I love societies and being social and involved (8)

I am a student at this university and thus a member of the student's union. As a student, and society member it is 100% relevant. (10)

Sense of community across cultures

Being part of the SU gives us all a common ground, regardless of where we are from around the globe, we are all part of the Essex SU, which makes me feel that it benefits all students. (8)

It benefits all students because the SU represents different cultures and countries in just one single community. Having the opportunity to be part of a community like this is just fantastic.(8)


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