what are vital stats?

To measure how we're doing against our four promises we created our 'Vital Stats' - a termly review where we speak to over 1,000 members and get their honest opinion on how we're doing.

In keeping with our no-bullshit mentality we then publish these as beautiful icons and infographics, so that all members, staff and stakeholders can see how we're getting on so far.

We surveyed 1291 of you*, and we've made these clever icons, which show the results of the latest survey when you click on them...

You can meet some of the students who gave us feedback by clicking the play button:

*lovely people

Here's the break down of responses: 


Do you consider yourself a member of the SU?



down 1.4 from June 2015


I spend every single day in SU events, societies or clubs. I cannot imagine my days anymore without getting busy with these things and I would feel pretty empty without them.

They can make changes that directly affect me, and give me the opportunity to guide them with what I want to see happen


don't know

up 5.6 from June 2015



down 4.2 from June 2015


I'm a mature student and I feel that the SU's main concern is the younger students.


I have children and live off campus so I'm not able to participate much.




SU out of 10


Net Promoter Score

What is a Net Promoter Score? And how do we work this out?

Based on your answer to the "How likely are you to recommend us to a friend?" question, we calculate the NPS score in the following way : the percentage of students that gave us a score of 9 or 10,  substracted from the percentage of students who gave us a score of 6 or lower. Scores of 7 and 8 do not modify the net promoter score. The NPS shows us who our biggest fans, and critics are, to give us a realistic view of how members feel. The NPS is also a benchmarking technique that companies use all over the world.



Scores between this range lower our NPS. The percentage of people giving us scores between this range gets substracted from the percentage of people giving us score of 9 or 10.

Scores between this range don't affect the NPS.

Scores between this range raise our NPS. 


Here's a breakdown of the scores you gave us:
And that gives us a net promoter score of:


this means an increase of 22.6 from last term!

NPS comparison


















Promise 1: Amazing Degree and Job

The main statistic below shows what you scored us on average for this promise. The other statistics below show the average scores for the most popular comments you gave us.  


Improves - CV 9.72

The SU help us through the support services offered and they encourage us to get involved with lots of volunteering opportunities to develop our skills.


Course reps boosting degree - 8.5

‘I feel that course reps take issues seriously’
‘Course reps listen to me'


Gaining work experience 7.4

They do offer many jobs on campus which is wonderful to give students an opportunity to work and gain skills.


Exam support - 6.8

‘The SU offer us loads of support around exam time’



Not relevant - 3.3

I think it’ll help me more when I’m closer to finishing my degree.


Unawareness - 4.4

‘I’m not sure what they do’
‘I didn’t know about employability events’
‘ It’s not helping my education as far as I know’


It’s up to me to get a good degree 4

‘I’ve got to work hard and get a good degree for myself’
My degree depends on me, and not the SU’



Promise 2: Kick-ass Membership



It’s free and I can take part in whatever I want! 8.6

"There are so many great societies and sports clubs to get involved in!

Free entry for sports is amazing!

The heirloom effect - 8

I feel like a member of the family.

The heirloom was a great idea, I feel involved and included.



Events - 3

I would like to be asked about the music nights on campus!
I want to see great bands and concerts.

I’m a member? - 5

I didn’t realise I was a member!

I didn’t know I had a membership?



Promise 3: Shape Everything around me



I vote on things that matter to me - 8

I vote in the shop every week

I love the yellow voting chips

Elections- 8.5

The elections are great- they seem open and transparent.
‘There are loads of elections- they change things when we ask!



How do I make my opinions known? - 4.3

Where do I go to voice my opinion?
New students need to be told how to voice their views


The recent referendum - 4.3

I felt that it wasn’t transparent
We were given no notice and it was really shady
I felt like I had no choice in the referendum


Promise 4: benefit all members



A sense of belonging - 8.75

All students are part of it

It’s part of every day life at university, it’s all around us!

Good facilities and services for all - 8.31

I love sport and socialising here! The support service is great, as are the services like the market and the outlets

You can always be part of something- like the societies and volunteering!



There isn’t enough for mature students or postgrads - 3.67

I’m older and I don’t enjoy drinking. I have no need for the support from the SU as this is not my first ‘away from home’ experience.

I don’t feel the sports and societies are geared towards me as a PHD student

Unsure how I benefit - 3.83

I do not know about the SU as I live off campus…
I’m not sure how they benefit me, I’ve not been here too long
I haven’t used it yet…



Membership Involvement

Hover over the icons to reveal our latest stats... we promise it will be more exciting than Peter Andre's latest tour* Please note that these are in comparison to this time last year.

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Advice contacts

Up 2104


Course Reps

Down 214



Up 313



Up 328



Down 111


Just Play

Down 851