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Questions Asked

Q - Do ALL executive members have to sign the freshers fair stallholder agreement form or is the president enough?

A - The President is enough but by signing it you're confirming you have shared this information with other executive members hosting the stall and that they have read, understood and agreed to them.

Q -  do we also need the risk assessment form for freshers fair?

A - no, the student activities department is organising the freshers fair so you do not need to complete your own individual risk assessment.

Q - Do we need to email anyone if our committee cannot attend the society fair?

A - yes, please email for societies or for sports if your society will not be at freshers fair.

Q - who do we send our completed freshers fair stallholder agreement forms to?

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Q - The rules are very confusing, looking online at dance guidance it talks about the rule of six, but also talks about how classes can go ahead as long as social distancing is adhered to- how does this affect our capacity?

A - Essex Sport who manage the facility used for Dance are sticking with a capacity of 6 for all sessions using their indoor facilities. This includes the instructor.

Q - If a society/club is operating exclusively online for the foreseeable future, do we need a covid officer?

a - Even if you don't plan to meet in person, please appoint a current member of your exec as a covid officer to ensure we have a point of contact for any covid updates.

Q - we were thinking of getting a forehead temperature scanner to check members before they enter, would this be allowed?

A - we are still liaising with our health and safety department about ppe and sanitising products for all club and society activities. We will update you with more info when we have it - but we don't see any harm in the purchase of a temperature monitor with your club/society funds, although its best to check with us before ordering to confirm its the right/trusted product.

Q - How many covid officers are we allowed per a society/club? 

A - each society or club will ideally have 1 covid officer who can oversee all the record taking, if you require more than 1 for some reason, please get in touch with us by email or and we can work with you to make sure that even though two of you are collecting data, it's held securely in one place.

Q - It seems as though societies and clubs weren’t really given a choice about whether they want to be at freshers fair (given many of us are anxious about covid, especially so given the e-mail just sent out by the registrar regarding cases). Is there an option to opt out should it be necessary?

A - we absolutely understand that there is a lot of anxiety and so if you don't wish to attend then you can email or to withdraw your place. We always ensure that all clubs and societies have a space at fresher's fair as it's the main opportunity for you all to recruit members. to reassure you however, We have worked really hard to make this a covid secure event which is why it's a non-contact fair. We have taken the council's licensing staff member through our plan and he's happy with the mitigation in place. there will also be an online virtual fair starting from the 1st october.

q - What do we need to do for virtual freshers fair

A - you don't need to do anything but please ensure your club or society webpage is up to date as members will be pointed to this - if you want some tips on how to update your webpage then make sure to join the communications, social media & website training on friday 2nd october at 5pm (zoom session.)

Q - in regards to cleaning products and hand sanitizers, are there certain brands we should be using? 

A - we will aim to provide these sanitising products to clubs and societies and/or give details where to purchase more if required. we are Just getting orders sorted with our health and safety manager and will distribute them when they arrive.

Q - will there be a pre made health questionnaire provided for all clubs and societies, or will they need to make their own?

A - we will provide you details of what you need to cover soon.

Q - Is there anything the uni could provide for video recording live streaming events, matches etc so that spectators and those that can’t attend can still spectate?

A - we can definitely explore this at a later date, but can't guarantee it for now whilst we get all covid safe procedures in place. this could be a great opportunity to utilise facebook live functions for your club or society but bear in mind that Anyone filming would need to be included in the total attendees allowed to attend.

Q - Wouldn’t we need consent forms for being filmed though?

A - please also remind those attending at the beginning of any session that you plan to film if you do plan to film any activities even if you have received consent prior to the event.

Q- For fundraising events are we banning things like bake sales or donations etc. or what is the covid stance on this?

A - at this point bake sales won't be possible - every activity will need a risk assessment that is approved. We are prioritising clubs and societies to be able to do their normal activity first and then will look at what the possibility is of other activities such as bake sales.

Q - What is the SU's advice on handling conflict or reports of racism from anyone in the clubs?

A - we have zero tolerance for racism so if there are any reports of this then please ensure these are reported.

Q - when will sports club budgets be released?

A - Club budgets are being looked at and we are hoping to confirm ASAP.

Q - Do we HAVE to use zoom to hold online meetings, or are we allowed to use alternative platforms?

A - alternative platforms are fine, use what works for your members!

Q - How are people with hearing impairments being accommodated regarding everyone being required to wear masks at freshers fair?

A - all will be required to wear a face covering if they are able to - view it as the same deal as like going into shops - we understand some may be unable to.

Q - Can an elected committee member be fired and then appointed or re-elected, if they have not been heard from for more than 6 months and does not respond to any means of communication?

A - send them an email explaining that you haven't heard from them and if they don't respond with 7 days, you will take that as their resignation.

Q - Is it ok if we have execs taking shifts for freshers fair? So, we swap half way through?

A - you can rotate stall holders but please limit this where possible, ideally no more than 1 change over. All stall holders would need to check in at the registration.

Q - What will the process for ending the fair/closing the stall once we're done be?

A - We have a set down plan that stewards will guide you through.

Q - how will people be able to find our society/club website easily?

A - Each stall will have a qr code that people can scan which will take them to your society or club's webpage.

Q - Will the teams QR codes be sent to presidents via emails?

a - They will be printed for you on a4!

Q - Do all execs need to be there to set up or just the two who are doing the first shift?

A - only two please!

q - since we have three execs altogether, could we arrange for a small election of the covid-officer if need be?

A - yes you can. Email members to see if anyone is interested - If more than 1 person wants to do it then hold an election but if it's just 1 person then they can assume the role. 

Q - If you live with another exec member, would you have to social distance whilst at the stall with them?

A - if you live together then it's understandable that you may be closer.  You may be asked by a steward to step apart so please confirm with them.

Q - Where do we log volunteering hours for the club?

A - - there's a big yellow button on there!