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Questions Asked

Q - If people outright refuse to follow guidelines, who could a Covid officer turn to for support?

A - get in touch with us in the SU Activities Office or SU Reception and we can assist from there.

Q - For sport training/games are covid tests still compulsory even if people are double jabbed and have a covid passport?

a - at the moment the university still recommends that everyone tests twice per week.

q -What if no covid officer can make it to a training session? Will it need to be cancelled?

a - The current guidance on the Covid officer being present at sessions is based on what has been agreed in University Risk Assessments. if you require one but the covid officer cannot be there, someone else will need to assume the role for the duration of the session.

q - can we play music at the freshers fair?

a - unfortunately not, unless given permission by us.

Q - is the car park fresher's fair going to run the one way system again like last year? I found running a stall on one of the higher floors meant not as many people came all the way to the top.

a - there will be a one way system but the fair is very different this year and we have taken that into consideration to encourage attendees to explore the whole fair.

Q - Will there be a limit to how many people can be inside the car park?

a - yes but the number this year will be a lot higher.

Q - Are we able to start booking rooms for events now?

a - Yes, but strict processes need to be followed. Make sure to attend the events training (or watch/read it back if it has already happened) to familiarise yourself with the procedure.