introductory exec training 2021/22 - 21/07/2021



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Questions Asked

Q - are the society/club membership costs subject to vat or are they treated as donations to keep the soc/club running?

a - they are subject to VAT.

Q - what software should we use for the event registers?

a - You can just use something as simple as a word document.

q - Are risk assessments the responsibility of the whole exec group? And the covid one down to covid officer? Or are all risk assessments down to covid officer?

a - the event organiser will most likely lead this, but they should be the responsibility of the whole exec team. covid risks will all be worked into the same risk assessment too, it does not need to be seperate.

q - will students be required to get vaccinated?

a - we have not been been made aware of any plans that require students to be vaccinated, but will let you know if this changes. we follow rules set by the university, so any change will be dependant on their advice.

Q - since my essex email is going to run out, I don't know if I'll get information about meetings?

a - you just need to create a guest account on the website and then buy a membership to your club/society using that account - then you will carry on receiving relevant info.

Q - will there be a meeting for covid officers?

a - this depends on what regulations are in place as we get towards sepetember when we will be holding our more in-depth exec training. you will definitely need to attend the core officer training that we will hold, but we will let you know if there will be any specific covid training as soon as we have the details.