Welfare TRAINING 2020/21



Link to training video - https://bit.ly/30qhonN

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Questions Asked

Q - How can two people go to hospital with an injured person during COVID if they will only allow the injured into the hospital?

A - we advise two people (ideally both executive members) to assist them to hospital (such as in a taxi, or in your car if you have one) and then follow the hospital staff's guidance once there. if possible, gain the injured person's mobile number so that they can contact you once they can be picked up/assisted home.

Q - if we suspect that someone has mental health issues should we signpost them to SU Advice or the Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity service?

a - our advice would be to use your social media feeds or in-person events (when they are permitted) to post/talk about the different services available to students and to remind your members of your role as welfare officer and how you can help. one thing you need to avoid is someone feeling overwhelmed if you were to randomly approach them about the subject, as they may not have being diagnosed with any illness or if they have, they may not yet be ready to talk about the it.

Q - for data protection, we have certain application forms that have peoples emails, DOB, and other medical information that i have to check and keep for them to be able to participate in our sport. Do I need to keep those separate from the other committee members/ is there any member I am allowed to share them with, such as the president? We need to keep that information because of our sports' rules. 

A - in instances where your sports' governing body requires you to have certain information readily available, you must ensure that any personal data is stored in a password protected document, with no paper copies, and that this information is destroyed as soon as you no longer need it. For certain events you may wish to inform one other executive member of the password to the document in case it is you who suffers an injury and they need to access things like emergency contact details - however make sure to then change the password once they no longer need access to the document.

If you're ever unsure about data handling with specific events or documents then just email us and we'll clarify for you.

Q - if we are hosting zoom dance classes we need a risk assessment for that?

A - yes, but it just needs to be an amendment of your current risk assessment (if you have one) and will only take a few minutes to complete. the main things you'd need to consider are the environments in which all participants are participating in, making sure they have enough space, whether their environment is too hot/cold, and ensuring there is someone in their household that can help with medical assistance should they need it. 

Q - Who do we need to send risk assessments to?

A - susocs@essex.ac.uk if you are a society, blades@essex.ac.uk if you are a sports club.

Q - If we wanted to do a zoom quiz night to replace a social are we allowed to host drinking games or is that not allowed?

a - this is permitted as long as you abide by the SU's alcohol policy. you also need to ensure that your event is inclusive for those who do not want to drink, so make sure there are games that can be played by anyone and that no one will ever feel pressured into participating in activites that they don't want to.