Visa conditions


Holding a visa means you will have certain conditions placed upon you during your stay in the UK. These conditions include your right to work, your studies, registration with the police, your right to public funds etc.  It is extremely important you stick to these conditions and make sure you understand what these mean.  All the conditions of your visa will have been given to you when you received it. UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs) offers advice and guidance on protecting your visa status and the conditions of your visa.  It is recommended that you read this information carefully and ensure you understand everything you are required to do.  If you are unsure of any of the conditions placed upon you it is important you seek advice as soon as possible.

breaching your Visa conditions


If you breach any of the conditions attached to your visa it can have serious consequences on your immigration status and your ability to study in the UK, for example by breaking the rules of how much you can work on a visa, you may not be allowed to continue your studies in the UK.  Visa conditions are very strict, and if your circumstances change your visa may become invalid.  Breaching your visa conditions can also impact on the University's status as a sponsor. 

If you would like more information on your conditions or are worried you are in breach please contact SU Advice immediately for further advice and information.

Your responsibilities


When you join the University of Essex and accept the University as your Immigration sponsor, you will have responsibilities to both the University and the Home Office that you must follow.  All students at the University are required to adhere to all University Regulations which include regulations relating to your Immigration status.  It is your responsibility to maintain your immigration status and ensure you follow any relevant rules and conditions.


Reporting Changes:

You will be required to report certain information to the Home Office during you studies.  The University as your sponsor also have a duty to report certain information to the Home Office - if the University make a report you will advised on this and any impact this may have on your visa.

  1. Changes to your address - if your address and contact details change you should make sure you have updated the University with your new details.  You can update this information on your MyEssex student portal.  You are also advised to update this information with the Home Office by completing a Migrant Change of Circumstances form (particularly if you are awaiting the results of an application when your address changes).  
  2. Police Registration Certificates - if you are required to register with the police as a condition of your visa then you must ensure you update any changes to your address or circumstances (e.g. visa extensions, change of name etc) within 7 days of the change.  Updates to a certificate can be carried out without needing to book an appointment at the Police station - just turn up with your documents at the Police station between 9am - 5pm.
  3. Changes to your studies - if you take a break from your studies (intermit) or withdraw from studies then the University will need to report these changes to the Home Office and your visa will be cancelled (curtailed) - you will need to leave the UK.  If you wish to change your course of study there may be implications for your immigration status - you are advised to seek advice from the University International Services team before making any decisions.  You can find more informatuon on the University's webpages and can contact the International services team via their online enquiry form.