Volunteering Awards


Volunteering Awards is an annual celebration of all the hard work put in by our volunteers and community partners. Every student winner gets their award added to their transcript and a special VIP invitation to an Afternoon Tea Party hosted by Promise 1 department.

There are many categories to pick from and anyone can nominate themselves, you can nominate your friends, house mates and fellow volunteers.  

NOMINATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED, next round of nominations will be open in March 2018

Save the date: TBC but we'll be back in Cine 10 in 2018



NIcola wallace

Nicola spent a lot of her time contributing to the local society not just through vTeam project but also by taking part in activities like Jaywick Beaver, Cubs and Scouts; hosting Unbirthday Party- a celebration for children with disabilities.  She helped Invicta Foundation, and she has also been a volunteer on campus by being a part time Mature Students officer, helping improve Mature students’ experience, She was a Course Rep for her Psychology department as well as a peer mentor for her department. Nicola worked up astonishing 400+ hours, all on top of being a great student and keeping on top of her personal life.          


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sonia tivadar

Sonia has been a part of vTeam for 4 years, she went from a shy volunteer to a confident member of student staff. Her committment to the vTeam is undeniable and is like no other. Sonia would always be flexible and make sure all jobs are completed on time; she wanted to make sure that volunteers have the best possible time while they are out on projects and atteding come & try. She made a lot of great changes and improvements to volunteering at Essex and she is an all around star. 


Winner selected by vTeam


Student volunteering week

Claudiu vacean

Claudiu is a proactive regular volunteer who attended majority of our one off projects, as well as committed their time to two regular projects. His input during Student Volunteering Week was incredible and without this person many projects wouldn’t be the same. He started off volunteering as a casual activity to see if it’s something he might enjoy but he now is committed, and thoroughly enjoys each project. One of his favourite visits this year was to French’s Care Farm where he could support a cause he really cares about and make difference. He makes friends not just with fellow volunteers but with animals at every location he goes. 
Volunteering isn’t just about helping the others, just like many other volunteers this person developed and improved a wide range of skills. He became a lot more confident, outgoing and he is one of the most reliable volunteers vTeam has. 


Winner selected by vTeam


Rebecca chivers

Rebecca volunteered at the First Stop – she was waking up every Sunday’s morning in order to be on time for her session. She was not only delivering but also preparing them on her own.  The First Stop said a lot of good words about Rebecca some of them are:  “Much of the learning at First Stop includes a willingness to increase learners’ confidence, not only in academic terms but for their personal development and Rebecca has made a valued contribution to this.” She was a star.


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Refugee teaching programme 

Refugee Teaching Programme had a whirlwind of a year. After a damaged relationship with Fresh Beginnings Centre last year, it took a lot of Amal’s and committee’s time to earn back the trust and prove themselves. They did an excellent job training up NINETY ONE volunteers that would visit centre at least once a week and give away their time to help local refugee families to settle in.  They built excellent relationships with their volunteers and created a sense of responsibility and belonging for everyone.  It’s been a difficult year for RTP but they managed to turn it around, they’ve received 160 volunteers applications in total, whereas last year they only received 40 applications. All of this happened to hard work and persistence of RTP committee and their leader Amal


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amal zahari 

Amal Zahari received numerous nominations as a project leader of Refugee Teaching Programme. Amal’s passion and commitment to the cause definitely shines through, she has been strict but very fair with her volunteers which led to fantastic outcome of the project. Amal developed great systems to measure the success of the project and to ensure that all objectives are met. She turned around the way Fresh Beginnings sees university students and has trained up volunteers to a top notch level. She has also ensured that volunteers socialise with each other outside of the project and spend time together to build relationships. 


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Victor yeung

Victor built fantastic relationships with his committee members making sure that everyone can cover each other’s sessions and he is always happy. He demonstrated excellent leadership skills at every session by taking care when things went wrong with transports, materials and session being changed last minute. He found a great balance between being a friend and a leader for volunteers which encouraged them to come back. His passion, enthusiasm and teaching skills inspired more and more volunteers to join Origami project. 


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Guy conroy-smith

Guy kept Numbers page up-to-date and highly entertaining. He made sure that each session is explained thoroughly and all volunteer questions are answered. He also actively promoted other vTeam and SU events and projects (it’s a tick from us!) He also attracted new volunteers through Freshers’ Page and increased the post engagement by 100%! 


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louisa futcher

Louisa is an extremely reliable Art Club volunteer. Louisa took on the responsibility to lead on sessions at Greenstead Library every Saturday. Louisa was also a regular volunteer for Einstein and Teaching Assistants, where she acted like a session leader many times. She is definitely a hard working volunteer and we appreciate all the efforts she puts in!


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welfare volunteer of the year

simone ramacci

Simon has been a dedicated volunteer for four different services this year. He logged hundreds of hours volunteering for services, and have also helped to train new volunteers in different skills such as first aid. Simone also helped with Night Ninjas project.  


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Welfare service of the year

night ninjas 

This service has provided hours of night time support for students. There is a vast range to the services they offer, from helping students home to offering a shoulder to cry on. The service is adaptable and has to work with the other night time teams to support students. The team makes students feel safe and supported when they are at their most vulnerable. 


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