What is the SU Big 5?

The Students’ Union is led by students, and when all 15,000 of us come together we’ve got a lot of clout. (power?) Every year students come together and decide what the SU and Uni focuses on for the year ahead (that’s next academic year) It’s pretty simple, it starts with students saying what key issues or areas should be worked on, and then we vote on the top issues to form a final shortlist of 5.


  • 8th - 22nd March

    Collecting 3 issues students want the SU and Uni to focus on.

  • 22nd - 30th April

    The SU team look at all the data students submit and break it down into ‘top themes’ and also plan for top secret exciting ‘prioritisation phase’.

  • 1st - 3rd May

    Students decide the final shortlist by voting on their top 5.

  • 6th - 10th May

    Final Big 5 revealed.

  • 23rd May

    Student Parliament review how the data was collected and have choice of final sign off on the Big 5.

  • June - September

    Students’ Union sabbatical officers and staff work out plans as to how they’ll achieve the Big 5.

  • 7th August May

    Sabbatical Officers present their Big 5 plans to the university and ask for support in achieving plans.

What has happened to last year’s Big 5?


The SU are still working on last year’s Big 5. The SU and Uni have achieved quite a lot of the projects, and are continuing to deliver on them. You can see progress for each project here. Some of the Big 5 projects (like sorting out the temperature in the library) will take a bit longer, and therefore, we’ll continue to work on them as part of this year’s Big 5 projects.

If the same topics come up from last year, and we’ve achieved them, they won’t make the shortlist (because they are complete!).