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Bhani Singh


Hey everyone, Hope you are doing well and having a great term so far! I’m Bhani and I am honoured to have the opportunity to represent the Post-graduate Taught Community on Colchester campus this year. I have done a post-graduate degree before and I understand how confusing things can get, how difficult it can be to try and tread through any concerns by oneself, how hesitant we can be to share our thoughts with someone who can take them forward and sometimes just how we wish someone could take the initiative to organise something that can help with our course (guidance from seniors), career (future possibilities and help regarding C.V.s and cover letters) or just something enjoyable that can help us unwind. I have taken this role so that you can share whatever you want, and I will continuously try to find ways to make your campus life more fulfilling, sociable and exciting. I am looking forward to spending some joyful time with you all this academic year.

Read my latest report here.

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