Services Officer Reports

SU Services Officer Reports



January 2023


I’m Sharon Makanjuola, your newly appointed SU Services Officer for 2022/23 (based in Colchester).

Some of you might not be aware as this position hasn’t been filled for some time, so I will just quickly introduce myself.

I am currently in my 3rd year studying Law with Business.

I work as a Welfare Supervisor in Sub Zero, so you have probably seen me once or twice on your night out. I enjoy anime and manga so don’t hesitate to recommend some good ones!

But most importantly, I am your point of contact for any concerns or ideas that involves the SU services for all campuses. Aside from that, don’t hesitate to contact me (  in general!


The main goals over the past few months were mostly revolved around trying to settle down and getting to know my fellow colleagues as well as knowing a bit more about what our services have to offer and what could be better as well as any other new suggestions.

What has been achieved

So far, I have done some training, been an active Parliament member, had a few meetings to familiarise myself with this new position. Also, with the help of a fellow colleague, I have placed feedback boxes in the SU Kitchen and Store, so I encourage you all to either leave a note, email me or if you see me in person, we can have a quick chat. Let your others know as this would be very much appreciated!

What I hope to achieve in February

By the end of the month, I hope to see a lot of feedback so I can brainstorm ideas with the SABBs and fellow SCOs. I would also like to tackle issues concerning safety at our in our university club and in general. A big shoutout to every SU member, the SU staff, SABBs, especially our SU President for guiding me on this new journey. Shoutout to the other SCOs for your continued support and encouragement and all your hard work. I look forward to improving and working with you all for the rest of the year ;)


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