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What are the Creative Studios?

The Creative Studios are the home of Rebel and creativity on campus. The studios are equipped with top of the range equipment and software that power the work we do, and they are available for all SU members to use. 


The editing suite is the ideal place to edit your videos, photos or audio files. All of the computers here have the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite installed on them, which means you have access to Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects and loads more. But we're not just Adobe fanatics, you also have access to Final Cut Pro, iMovie and Garageband.

This is a very different space to other labs on campus. It's not a study space, and not a place to write an essay. This is where you let your creativity show and can edit your videos and work on your personal projects alongside fellow creative people.

Editing Suite


Rebel Radio goes live from our state of the art radio studios and features a range of different student powered shows and podcasts.

Listen live online now 

Whilst one of the studios here is dedicated to the radio station, the second studio is available for Rebel members to record podcasts and any other sound they need.


The TV studio is where our TV station creates content. The studio designed primarily for filming video, but it is a configurable space that can be used for photography, green screens, recording bands, and more.

We have cameras, lighting and sound equipment that can be used here, and it's available to book for any purpose if you are a member of Rebel.


The news room is the place where Rebel editors, reporters, producers and other members of the team work to gather and produce all of our news content, and prepare articles for publishing online and print.



When can i use the creative studios?

The editing suite is open from 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday for all SU members (that's you!).

want 24/7 access?

Join Rebel and enjoy 24/7 access to the editing suite and the ability to book studios.

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