Decision term is coming...

we are going to be asking you a number of questions, which will include forming the Big plan for the next academic year and choosing the leaders of the organisation. Are you ready? 

But the first decision we need from you you want to be a sabb AND Do YOu HAVE WHAT IT TAKES?

WhAT IS a Sabb?


Sabbs are full time paid members of staff that help the Students’ Union makes students life at Essex the best it can be. They’re the link between our permanent staff and our members. Sabbs work on issues that matter the most to students. In the last 18 months, they worked on Big 5 and the Big Plan. Brought issues forward to the university and worked together to make change happen. From being part of the team that changed the library opening hours to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, creating free printing and working with First bus to improve the services for students. You need to remember that you’ll need to take a year off from your studies to complete the role, there’s a lot of responsibility but it’s also extremely rewarding and will help you boost your skills and prepare you for your future career.


Be ready to work harder than you think, be prepared to takes those hits from a failed event and use the experience to adapt and reinvent and continue pushing through, be prepared to be interactive with people and ask those hard questions. Be prepared that this position isn't one set group but a large group of people with different ideas and continue to push forward to make the best for all students. Liam Gilbert PG Research Officer

Challenging staff members and putting the student voice forward in front of large audiences built up my confidence and I always leverage on that while interacting with clients at PwC. The financial responsibilities of the SU gave me the exposure to prepare and track budgets which is a part of my daily routine at PwC. For me being a Sabb was all about: leadership, critical thinking, multitasking, project management, effective communication and brining in innovative ideas. All of these help me as a Consultant and I’m certain it will in anything I do in the future. Zain Kukaswadia VP Education 2012-2013


Sounds good,right?

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