Help with the GDPR

3rd Party Applications

The Students' Union values the privacy and security of the personal data of our students and staff

We are bound by the rules prescribed in the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and associated laws along with other best practice

There are many cloud applications hosted on the internet which help us provide a better service to our members

However the integrity and security of some providers may not achieve the high standards we require


Applications APPROVED for use in the SU


Approved Software Used For … SU Contact
AgentOS Lettings Management Software (SUHOMES ONLY) Lettings Manager
Asana To manage your team’s work, projects & tasks Marketing, Brand & Comms Manager
Box UK Secure file sharing, storage and collaboration IT Manager
BUCS To register players participating in BUCS fixtures (Sports) Sports Development Manager
Computershare To administer Childcare Vouchers (HR only) N/A
Dropbox LIMITED USE ONLY Please use Box Marketing, Brand & Comms Manager
Elfster Special event management PED Team
E-Sign Electronic Signature App used by Finance & PED Finance Manager
EventBrite Events promotion by the Venues department Venues Manager
Exchequer Accounting Software (Finance only) Finance Manager
Google Drive Must not be used for personal, identifiable info or commercially sensitive data IT Manager
iTrent Payroll & HR Administration PED Team
Last Pass Password Management tool IT Manager
Mailchimp Marketing Automation Platform – used for mass email marketing Marketing, Brand & Comms Manager
MSL Membership Management Software IT/Marketing, Brand & Comms Manager/SU Advice Manager
Qualtrics Survey Tool Marketing, Brand & Comms Manager
Round Venues Ordering App Bars & Catering Operations Manager
SagePay The payment platform used by MSL N/A Appointment scheduling software – basic booking system IT Manager
Slack Work-based chat platform IT Manager
Smartsheet Project Management Tool IT Manager
SumUp Payment portal used by Cine10 Activities Manager
SurveyMonkey Survey Tool Marketing, Brand & Comms Manager
TicketSource Web portal for Cine10 bookings Activities Manager
Trello To manage your team’s work, projects & tasks – REBEL ONLY Activities Manager
Typeform Request Form Management only Marketing, Brand & Comms Manager
Umii Friends App Engagement Manager
Whatsapp Messaging Service  
Workable Employment opportunity management PED Manager
Zoom Video Conferencing IT Manager


Applications that MAY BE USED with no personal data


Use of online applications and services that have no personally identifiable data uploaded to them may continue to be utilised.  Be aware however that many types of data become identifiable when combined with others!  Initials on an agenda denoting the speaker combined with University of Essex Students' Union specifically identifies who the person is and thus must not be used anywhere online except from the approved list

New software/application approval

We know that you are the expert in whichever aspect of the Students' Union you work in, that's why we employ you!  If you have found a particular application on the web that is uniquely suited to helping you work smarter let us know.  Email and explain why you need it, why it fits the purpose so specifically and briefly why the approved software above does not.  We'll check the boring legal aspects and create a SU account for you, your coworkers and your successors.  If it's that good and could be utilised acrioss the SU we'll do that too and shout about your excellent find to the whole organisation.

There is a New Software Application Assessment Form to complete on the U:\Drive