Book A Room


Want to book a room for your meeting?

Here’s how to do it quickly and easily, all in Outlook





With this new system you can select your attendees as usual and then … invite a room. 

  • Click on Show a room list
  • Select SU Rooms and all three SU Meeting Rooms magically appear as prospective attendees



  • Tick the room you’d like then complete your meeting as usual in the appointment section.
  • Voila! The Location: has now been pre-populated for you.



What happens next

The Room Booking Robot will send you an email confirming your request


Recurrence – If you schedule a regular (or recurring) meeting please set an end date.   You can easily extend your meeting at a later time

Over-riding Conflicts – If you decide your 8 person meeting is more needy of a room than a 1-2-1 that someone else has already booked continue with your booking regardless  (The robot will decline your meeting) then speak to the original booker and explain your quandry.  If they agree and remove the room from their meeting the robot will notice the change and then Accept your booking instead