we will continue to review these areas in line with Government advice and update you accordingly


The Store is our on-campus convenience shop and the place to grab everything you need for dinner. 

The Store is on Square 4.

5th - 10th january 11am – 4pm – MON-SUN

11th - 31st january 11am – 5pm - MON-SUN

The Extra Store is perfect place to grab your lunch on the go. The shelves are packed with meal deals, hot food throughout the day, American sweets, a free from range and more. Plus find the EverythingEssex range now in The Extra store.

The Extra Store is on Square 4.

closed until further notice

The latest addition to our family. The Mini Store is located in The Meadows (underneath the laundrette). 

You can grab essential food and toiletries, snacks, hot drinks and hot food. 


18TH december - 18TH JANUARY - CLOSED

If you need to return another ASOS parcel or send a letter home, this is the place to be. Here you can also get Euro and American currency on demand and transfer money through Money Gram.

The Post Office are on Square 4.

closed until further notice

Stamps can be purchased from The Store. Your nearest Post Office is in Wivenhoe.