Hi guys! I'm Laura, your new VP Education for this year. I'm a 3rd year Computer Science student, and you may also know me from RPG Society,

or one of the various roles I have had across the last three years. I like board games, food, and cocktails. Feel free to contact me regarding anything to do with education.


If you have any issues or having anything that you want to discuss then please don't hesitate to email me.

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Calm before the storm


We had more training this week. Topics included manual handling, anti-sematism and mental health first aid. We've finally finished the bulk of the training, so at last we'll be getting into the real hard work. 



So we had a second photoshoot this week, look forward to our faces being all over the place! You may have already seen some pictures around on social media. If you're not already following us on instagram, you can find us on @essexsabbs @essexSU and my account at @oof_its_Laura



We did livestreams of all the different accomodations on campus (except South Towers because renovations). I did Copse and North Towers, which you can find on Instagram. It's also not too late to ask us some questions, so feel free to shoot them over to me.


Kent Union

We had Kent Union's student union visit us for the day, and we showed them the work we do for students. We exchanged ideas and good practise, but also got harrassed by wasps for the entire day. 

Summer Snapshot

Hey guys! We've done a lot over July and August to prepare for your return. Mostly training, but we have also had some key meetings in this 6 week period. Here's a quick look into how that went for us.


Southern SU Conference

We went to UEA for a conference with other Student Unions, where I brainstormed ideas with the other VP Educations on how to tackle the deadlines problem we face here at Essex. I've gathered some interesting information about how other universities handle deadlines being too close to each other, and also witnessed some cracking karaoke from the other Sabbs.


Estranged students

I've had several initial conversations with the university about the support available to estranged students, and have given them some guidance on the additional difficulties estranged students and care leavers face. I'm hoping to further this work throughout the year with the help of the Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity Service team.


Big Plan Plan

As an SU we spent a number of days in intensive sessions talking about the big plan you all decided on. There were ideas, challenges and tears, but (hopefully!) look forward to some big wins by the end of the year! #BringBackThePaternoster


Loughton Welcome Day

We rocked up to Loughton to welcome all our new students to the SU, and more importantly give them crucial advice for their time here. Surprisingly, I was at the education table for the day.