Event Description

Public Speaking Society Virtual Stall

Public Speaking Society Virtual Stall

2pm - 6pm, Tuesday 19 January 2021 | Zoom

We are a group of people with various backgrounds, who share the same passion for becoming better speakers, one session at a time. Practicing public speaking is a way to become more comfortable and familiar with speaking in front of groups of people. The key concept of this society is to give its members a chance to improve their speaking skills in a supportive and friendly environment while meeting new friends along the way!

- In our first session, on Tuesday the 19th between 2pm and 6pm, we will be answering all of your questions and guide you through what we do in our weekly meetings.
- In our second session, on Wednesday the 20th between 5pm and 7pm, we will run more or less a real meeting for you to see how a public speaking session is typically run. 

Hope to see you on Tuesday the 19th and/or on Wednesday the 20th of January at Zoom, check out the link down below for both days!