Event Description

One Man Down Auditions

7pm - 10pm | 18/10/2022 to 18/10/2022 | 5s.4.5 (Black Box)

'One Man Down' explores Darren's life as he comes to grips with that prospect that he might have testicular cancer.

Come along and audition for 'One Man Down', a short plays that will be part of a showcase raising money for The Robin Cancer Trusts fight against testicular cancer on November 19th.

You don’t need to prepare any material for the audition, but if you would like to see the script you can request it by emailing williamtennison900@gmail.com.


  • Darren - A jovial character who's world is tipped upside down at the prospect he might have testicular cancer.
  • Sarah - Darren's wife who's struggling with the idea that her husband might have cancer and what this means for her kids.
  • Leah and Charlie (children and teenage years) - Darren and Sarah's children.
  • Richard - Darren's best mate and co-worker who shares his sense of humour.
  • Alan - Friends of Darren and Richards. Frequents the pub with them.
  • John - Darren's surgeon and cancer specialist.
  • Arsene Wenger - Darren's worst nightmare (as a life long Spurs fan).
  • Patients in chemo room - This can feature a large number of people with lines, also can play one of the other rules and a patient.