Preparing for exams? We’ve got your back. We're putting together a load of support, information and events to help ease your stress.

From SU Exam Angels passing you a hot drink, group study sessions with a twist, farm animals on campus, to someone to speak to when you need it most.

Exams are tough, but so are you.



These blogs have been written for students, by students.

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The Ultimate Guide to In Person Exams

Here's everything you need to know...

How to create the ultimate revision timetable

Check these tips on how to build the revision timetable that suits you the best

What is an SU Angel?

You have probably seen them around during the Exam period.

Study Locations

Read our suggestion of places to study and find some tips to help you find the most adequate space for you.

Breaks during revision = success!

It may seem counter-productive, but trust us. Taking breaks is important. Here's why...

Revision Tips and Techniques

Your VP Education let's you in on his tried and tested revision methods.




These events have been curated to encourage you to step away from revision, meet others and have a break.