It's time to create the BIG PLAN for 2022/23

The Big Plan is where you decide what the SU's priorities should be for the following year... have your say now!Read More




As a direct response from students, we are bringing back #iSUlation, an events series with a number of online sessions!Read More


As a direct response from students, we are bringing back #iSUlation, an events series with a number of online sessions!Read More

University of Essex staff to strike for 3 days in December

Strike action will be taking place between Wednesday 1st – Friday 3rd December.Read More

Celebrating our Black students

As part of Black History Month we're celebrating our Black students.Read More

Freshers Fair

Book your ticket for our biggest Fresher's Fair ever!Read More

Welcome Site

Everything you need to know about Essex, all in once placeRead More

Top 5 Things About Top Bar

The classiest venue on campus!Read More

Struggling with self-esteem?

It's normal to feel a little anxious, read on to find great ways you can use to boost your confidence at university.Read More

Top Study Spaces on Campus

Your VP Education, Callum, takes you through his favourite places to study on campus.Read More

Sport Membership Options

We explain the different membership options for Sports Clubs.Read More

Join V-Team's mailing list

Want volunteering opportunities dropped straight in your inbox? Sign up here!Read More

Airport transfer service to Colchester Campus

A coach airport transfer service will be available at the start of the 2021 academic year to from Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted Airports.Read More

Our exclusive Essex SU app...

A new way to connect with other Essex students online before even setting foot on campus...Read More

Find Your Way Around Campus

Find your way around campus with 'Find Your Way' and never get lost again!Read More

Important Things To Know: The Covid Referendum

Back in November 2020, our members called for a Students’ Union referendum on tuition fees, based on the effect the Covid-19 pandemic had on their learning experience.Read More

Shape the SU through Student Parliament

Your student parliament are the people who are creating real and lasting change to benefit all of our members.Read More

Student Jobs

Want to work on campus, meet new people, have fun, boost your CV and earn yourself some money at the same time?Read More

SU Committees

We know how challenging it can be for you to gain relevant, marketable work experience and transferable skills while you’re studying. This is why we want to invest in your development and recognise your valuable contributions to campus life with.Read More

Meet your SU Education Team

We have put together this handy little guide to help you understand our role and how we can support you throughout your journey through University.Read More

5 Reasons We Love Dance

Essex Blades Dance Club members tell you everything they love about their club.Read More

No-one Is An Island

Last year more than 2,000 of us shared how we're honestly feeling. To share this feedback and help each other out, we decided to build something real; a giant wall in Sub Zero covered with honest thoughts and feelings. Here's how we got on...Read More

…But, seriously. How are you?

Let us know how you are feeling and we'll get back to you with some advice.Read More

Got a question about forthcoming studies?

Have a question or concern about your course and can’t get an answer from the University? Don’t worry! The Education Team have got your back.Read More


A massive congratulations to Women's Rugby on winning Club of the Year. Here is a little insight into all they have been up to this year to achieve the award.Read More


Take a look at those who were awarded for a great year, even under such tough circumstances.Read More

Your Black Officer, Andrea, has done some amazing work...

Andrea has been praised for her role in a recent Battle Against Racism webinar organised by the University of Antwerp.Read More

This isn’t a win for freedom of speech, it’s a loss for our trans community

Read our response to the University-commissioned Reindorf Review.Read More

Violence in Palestine: our position and the actions we're taking

Read our response to the violence in Palestine.Read More

SU Spaces Roadmap

Are you ready?! We're re-opening!Read More

Join our Essex SU Exam Mode Community Facebook Group

This Exams season you can expect the BIGGEST ever Exams support to help us all get through Exams. We're 100% here for you.Read More

COVID-19 Impact on University of Essex Finances

Information on how tuition fees are spent by the university.Read More

RAG Week

Find out how you can donate or get involved with fundraising this week...Read More

A statement from the women leaders of the Students’ Union

TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual harassment and violenceRead More

International Women's Day 2021

Meet some members of the Women's Network!Read More

Personal Reflections During A Pandemic

Your VP Welfare, Vinny, shares his personal reflections as a graduate of the COVID-19 year.Read More

Let's Connect - Join in

2 weeks dedicated to helping us meet other Essex students!Read More

The Impact of COVID Referendum

Find all the latest updates on what we're working on.Read More

Demanding Government support for students

Why Essex is leading national calls for urgent action...Read More

Where we are at with our Five Point Plan

Here's a breakdown of where we are at and a look-ahead to what's next.Read More

Your guide to what's on during the Winter Break!

On campus over the break? So are we and we've got some great stuff planned for you...Read More

Representing students during online learning

What did everyone think of teaching in term 1?Read More

Top 4 tips for getting started with IT

Get yourself ready for studying at Essex!Read More

5 members tell you what they love Malaysian Society

"I feel ever so proud to be a member."Read More

How to Balance Friendships At University

Whether you wanted to start a new chapter in your life, or are looking to expand your friendship group, here are a few ways to effectively manage your friendships at University.Read More

Become a Student Rep!

Calling all of our 16,000 members. Be the voice of Essex students and help to shape the future of your University by becoming a Student Rep!Read More

5 Things I love about Cheer

Lucy tells you what she loves about being part of the Club of the Year 2020.Read More

Why I Like the Politics Society

Looking for a friendly and productive debate about our modern politics? Read on!Read More

A Helplful Guide for International Students

VP International, Nashwa, presents a guide to help you ease into life at Essex.Read More

Top 10 documents for moving to the UK

VP International, Nashwa, tells you her top 10 list of documents you should bring with you to make your move to the UK smooth!Read More

The ELSA Society

European Law Student Association - what is it?Read More

Registering with a GP (Doctor)

The last thing you want to do when you feel unwell is to be finding a GP! Here's how to get registered.Read More

What I love about American Football

"I thought I would try something new and see if I liked it...the coaches and the more senior players help you pick up the knowledge in such a short period of time but keep you interested and make it enjoyable."Read More

5 Reasons to join the Sub Aqua Club

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced diver, read on to find out what's waiting for you at Sub Aqua!Read More

4 Things to Know About The Kitchen

Here are 4 facts about this small but mighty SU outlet...Read More

Get ahead of the game and find your reading list now!

Searching for your reading lists is as simple as ordering a Dominoes pizza...Read More

4 Things I Love about Roleplay Gaming and Tabletop Society

“Societies are one of the best ways to find a community you belong to in your home away from home.”Read More

Guide to getting to campus

Here’s a guide on how to find your way to your new home.Read More

4 things to know about SU Bar

A place where you can write on the will - literally!Read More

What I love about Lacrosse

From the social atmosphere at training to club socials, Liv - VP Student Experience tells you what she loves about the sport.Read More

10 Places you need to know in Colchester

Places you can explore in and around Colchester.Read More

5 things I love about Pakistan Society

"Here at Essex, Pakistan Society feels like a family, it’s a community for everyone."Read More

5 Things I love about Women's Rugby

Looking for a way to make some new girl friends? We think we have a solution!Read More

Introducing The Store...

The top 5 things you need to know about our most popular shop!Read More

Get involved in Societies!

Passionate about Politics? Creative and crafty? Musically minded?Read More

7 Best Places to Visit on Campus

Liv, VP Student Experience, shares her favourite places on campus.Read More

Follow us on Social Media

Got burning questions you want answered?Read More

7 Ways to get Support

All the support services available to you if you need a helping hand.Read More

5 things we love about Enactus Society

Hear from members on their reasons why they get involved with the society.Read More