Hello, wonderful person

Welcome new students! My name is Andrea and I am your new VP Southend.  I was elected by students this year to make sure your voices are heard across all platforms and to ensure that your whole University experience is vibrant, fun and exciting.

Coming to University can be very daunting, especially coming to this quirky and cute seaside town. The campus is bang in the middle of a buzzing town centre, with clubs a stroll away and loads of restaurants. But the Southend Campus is small and therefore a pro at creating a family – everyone knows each other and it is literally a home away from home. Our student body is diverse with various departments, cultures and experiences from all over the world and across England so making new and interesting friends is super easy! So welcome to the family!

If you want to talk about anything I am an email, tweet, facebook, letter (if you like that sort of thing) away!

So excited to meet you all! 
Andrea x 




Everyone is in the same boat and much like snakes, they're as scared of you as you are of them. Time to break the ice and chat in the Southend Freshers Facebook Group.

Let's go make some friends