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Welcome new students, I’m Ernest, your VP for Southend Campus. I was elected by fellow students to represent you and ensure that your voices are heard and acted upon across the entire university. I also make sure that Students' Union deliver on their promises across the entire campus.

In Southend, we're one huge family. Everyone knows everyone and we're here for each other. I love the fact that our campus is right in the middle of the town centre with quick access to a great social life. You can grab anything you want right after lectures on the high street or stroll down the seafront, enjoy the beach and take a walk on the pier. We're only a small community based campus, but that means you get know people from different departments, cultures and personalities. Plus, London is just 50mins away which is a great advantage compared to other campuses (unlucky Colchester).

If you want to get in touch, you can send me an email, add me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.

Welcome to the family! We can’t wait to enjoy this campus with you!

Ernest x

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Do you want to leave a legacy for Southend students to enjoy after you graduate? See even more events in Southend? Always wanted to see a certain type of event, activity or a project? Contact soufund@essex.ac.uk if you want to submit your idea or get more information.