Change Week Hackathon



"After 24+ hours of hard work the teams have all now presented their ideas to a panel of senior staff from the uni and SU and they absolutely nailed it - everyone was blown away by their creativity and hard work (and stamina). We'll be posting more photos and video online over the next couple of days but for now, that's the end of the hackathon liveblog - thanks to everyone that took part and for everyone that's followed online :)"


"Working hard ready for 12"


"Presentation and Public Speaking skills training for our teams kicks off at 9am"


"is served in the snack room"


" to be this guy!"

Still Going...

"Ideas, Ideas, Ideas"


"*people innovate in different ways"

Getting Late

"The wildlife is waking up...."


Here's a picture to prove it.  Some team members have headed off for a tactical sleep, others are carrying on in full hardcore mode. 


We're just over 10 hours in and the teams have decided to come together so they can share and compare progress. Exciting to see some really strong ideas beginning to take shape already...

Late night Game Planning

Change 5 grabbing every idea with their bare hands.



A great philosopher once said...

We really need more Pizza.

Teams have spent the last few hours pulling all their findings together, inbetween snacking, random nerf fights and ofcourse wave 1 of the Pizza delivery. If you want to help support our hackers, check out the SU Facebook page and complete some of our teams' surveys!


Team Change 4 Change are working on ways to make campus life more affordable. And in that spirit they posed as...Wonder Woman??

Team Colour: Emerald
Team Anthem: Hakuna Matata

Team Profile: Seven is Heaven

Team Seven is Heaven want to know what you love/hate about your lectures...don't like 9ams? Seven is Heaven are on it. 

Team Colour: Orange
Team Anthem: Macarena by Los Del Rio

PIZZA time

What's the best way to end a Nerf fight? Pizza. Although there isn't much left of it now...


Team Profiles: Change 5

Team Change 5 are trying to work out how to put students in control of what happens in SU Venues. They want to work out how to but the bars, clubs and cine10 in the hands of students.

Team Colour: Purple
Team Anthem: War by Edwin Starr

Nerf War has Been declared

6 hours in and full blown Nerf warfare has broken out...the 2nd floor corridor is now a warzone. Members of the Confederacy of Independent Students and Kaisen are at war. This is not a drill.

Team Profiles: Totally Spies

Totally Spies are trying to stop everything closing on campus at the weekends.

Team Colour: Green
Team Anthem: Totally Spies theme song (obviously)

Team Profiles: JASONS

Even though they're called Jasons theres no Jason in their team. JASONS stands for Jumping Amazing Super Optimistic Noodle Squad. Yeah, really. JASONS are working on finding better ways for students to shape the SU. 

Team Colour: Indigo
Team Anthem: Uh Oh! Spaghetti-o's! 

Team Profiles: Kaisen

Team Kaisen are working on improving mental health awareness and support on campus.

Team Colour: Red 
Team Anthem: We are the Champions by Queen

TeaM Profiles: CONFEDERACY OF INDEPENdent students

Team Confederacy of Indepedent Students are working on improving navigation around campus.

We told them to pull a Power Rangers pose and this is what we got...

Team Colour: Yellow
Team Anthem: Wii Shop Theme Music


Team Acca are working on ways to make the SU Safety bus service better.
Team Colour: Blue
Team Anthem: Africa by Toto


We've got a rough game plan. We're going to ask questions to find out the main root of some of the problems, then at 6 it's food time. That's the most important thing.


Teams are working through strategies to gauge what the best approach to solving these challenges are...and they also can't wait for Pizza time.

GO Team!

All of the teams are busy in their HQ's crying to crack ways to solve these challenges. They're all doing so well! 

Not even 3 hours in, and a nerf gun has been sighted

Lunch Time

All the hackers are on a quick lunch break before everyone figures out which ideas they'll be working on!

Ideas Gallery

All hackers are now deciding which of your student ideas they want to collaborate on to make the changes you've asked for! Just a few ideas that are featured include:
1) Make the SU Safety Bus service better
2) Tackle waste on campus
3) Fix the Quays Bridge 

And many more...

Stationary goals in team prep

I brought my own fineliners. I am ready.


Everyone has been assigned their team rooms, have come up with team names and are making room signs.

Update on Spaghetti tower task: The winning tower was super tall...but fell before we could get a picture.

Spaghetti tower

Everyone has been sorted in to teams and are now working on team skills with task 1: build the tallest tower...out of Spaghetti

The Brief

Everyone is in, the ice has been broken and the brief is in full swing.

Our Hackers are using NTC as a base for the next 24 hours and are currently being told the perks of being a hacker
1) A certificate to prove you survived the SU's first 24 hour Hackathon
2) A free Frangos
3) Amazing experience for their CV's, plus a cheeky linkedin endorsement
4) Use of a naproom (with the best bean bags ever)
5) Team rooms to work from
6) A free night out on campus
7) Cine10 tickets 
8) Free Drinks 

Follow us on Snapchat to follow live coverage throughout the hackathon!


All our hackers are primed and ready for the 24 hour hackathon to begin. They're going to be working hard through the day and night to make change happen based on your ideas.

Over the last week we've had over 30,000 votes from Essex students on the 337 different ideas submitted on the change wall. Now the highest voted ideas are being brought forward for our teams of hackers to work on, as we have challenged them to make these student powered changes in just 24 hours.