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What your SU membership involves and what to expect in the first few weeks

SU Freshers Fair

Whether you want to try something you’ve never tried before, or just looking for a fresh challenge, or make new friends... you’ll find it at Essex!

10 Places you need to know in Colchester

Places you can explore in and around Colchester.

Guide to getting to campus

Here’s a guide on how to find your way to your new home.

Top 4 tips for getting started with IT

Get yourself ready for studying at Essex!

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Registering with a GP (Doctor)

The last thing you want to do when you feel unwell is to be finding a GP! Here's how to get registered.

SU Fresher's Fortnight

Are you ready for the most awesome SU Fresher’s Fortnight experience?

SU Welcome Fest

Two weeks of events to help you meet, explore and celebrate.



See all 44 incredible sport clubs that you can train, compete and socialise with

What I love about Lacrosse

From the social atmosphere at training to club socials, Liv - VP Student Experience tells you what she loves about the sport.

5 Things I love about Women's Rugby

Looking for a way to make some new girl friends? We think we have a solution!

5 Reasons to join the Sub Aqua Club

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced diver, read on to find out what's waiting for you at Sub Aqua!

5 Things I love about Cheer

Lucy tells you what she loves about being part of the Club of the Year 2020.

What I love about American Football

"I thought I would try something new and see if I liked it...the coaches and the more senior players help you pick up the knowledge in such a short period of time but keep you interested and make it enjoyable."

5 Reasons We Love Dance

Essex Blades Dance Club members tell you everything they love about their club.

Sport Membership Options

We explain the different membership options for Sports Clubs.



With over 110 societies, there's definitely something for you at Essex

5 things we love about Enactus Society

Hear from members on their reasons why they get involved with the society.

Get involved in Societies!

Passionate about Politics? Creative and crafty? Musically minded?

5 things I love about Pakistan Society

"Here at Essex, Pakistan Society feels like a family, it’s a community for everyone."

4 Things I Love about Roleplay Gaming and Tabletop Society

“Societies are one of the best ways to find a community you belong to in your home away from home.”

The ELSA Society

European Law Student Association - what is it?

Why I Like the Politics Society

Looking for a friendly and productive debate about our modern politics? Read on!

5 members tell you what they love Malaysian Society

"I feel ever so proud to be a member."



From where to get coffee to the best place for a gin, find it all here

7 Best Places to Visit on Campus

Liv, VP Student Experience, shares her favourite places on campus.

Introducing The Store...

The top 5 things you need to know about our most popular shop!

4 things to know about SU Bar

A place where you can write on the will - literally!

4 Things to Know About The Kitchen

Here are 4 facts about this small but mighty SU outlet...

Top 5 Things About Top Bar

The classiest venue on campus!