We are a huge, diverse community of 16,000 students, and whether you are looking to make new friends from across the world, or find your home away from home, you can count on us to be your family for the time that you are here with us.




Our Essex community is made up of so many incredible communities.

To ensure that our communities are represented we have Student Community Officers (SCOs). SCOs are elected representatives who represent their community. They are elected to ensure that your voice is heard!

How to get involved


If you want to find out more about your community and receive relevant information about events for your community, then you can sign up to your community mailing list.

Tick the community(s) that you identify with and your Student Community Officers (SCO) will be in contact to welcome you and tell you what’s planned for your community throughout the year.

If you want to be more actively involved with your community, and be in a position where you can voice the concerns of your community and possibly even campaign on the communities behalf – then you can join the network. Your SCO will explain this further.

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