you did it.
welcome to the su.

When you come to Essex, you're automatically a member of the Students' Union. We're a group of 14,000 students from around the world who make great things happen.

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your su heirloom. 
made just for you.

To prove that you're a part of something big, you'll get an SU Heirloom. It's individually numbered and yours for life. You'll pass down your number and share your story with future generations of Essex students.

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your su membership.
what you get.

Because you're a member of the SU, you get access to a load of events, bars, nightclubs, societies, training courses, a letting agency, and free sports clubs. You can activate your free SU membership on the next page.

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So that's a bit about us.
what about you?

Now's the fun part. Let's customise your membership so we can show you all the great stuff we've got planned.

Let's do it.
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