you did it.
welcome to the su.

When you come to Essex, you're automatically a member of the Students' Union. You're part of an unconventional family made up of students from around the world. Together, we can achieve whatever we want.

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your su heirloom. 
made just for you.

To prove that you're a part of something big, you'll get an SU Heirloom. It's individually numbered and yours for life. You'll pass down your number and share your story with future generations of Essex students.

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our four promises.
we promise to...

For the entire time you're at Essex, we make your four promises


1: We promise to get you an amazing degree and job


We'll fill up your CV, make sure you course is great, and support you through your exams, rehearsals, performances, placements and deadline. We'll give you all the tools you need to destroy the competition in interviews.


2: We promise to give you a kick-ass membership


Our SU Lounge offers you a space of relaxation with a living room vibe so you will be sure to feel at home. We have a range of sports for you to get into as part of Just Play, and a number of societies for you to join. With the sun, sea and sand on your doorstep, a lively night life and booming high street; you’ll never be bored at Essex.


3: We promise to let you shape everything


You're in charge of what we stock in our venues and how we work. You can vote by dropping a token in a box, and write on our walls. You control everything we do together.


4: We promise to be here for everyone


We're a mix of students from 135 different countries of every age, gender, sexuality, religion, year of study and shoe size. We'll look after you whatever.

So that's a bit about us.
what about you?

Now it's your turn to tell us about you so we can customise your membership and show you what we've got planned for you.

Let's do it.
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