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Improve First Bus 


The First Bus service could be improved.

Operating time is a key issue. For the students living near the Maltings or Quays, the last 61 bus leaves the University before 8pm on the weekdays.This represents about 25-30% less coverage hour than 62 bus to town. Given the doubling student numbers at the Maltings - a better deal has to be agreed.

The shorter operating hour means that many students are have to choose between paying a Safety Bus to get them home safely at night, or not getting the full University experience.

Some First buses travelling by the University takes routes easily congested at the peak time. There is limited scope for a solution - however being on time remains a key factor to ensure satisfaction with the service.

Additionally the price of individual First bus tickets continue to increase, despite the falling fuel prices. Meaning the students without bus pass are being further squeezed.

The SU should work with the the local MP, the University and the First Bus to deliver a longer operation time, while ensuring the buses run, with higher quality service more smoothly on the behalf of our students. 


Ali Al-Ansare








    NOVEMBER 18th

    Idea approved.


    DECEMBER 1st

    The Students' Union Executive will discuss it at their next meeting on December 4th.


    DECEMBER 8th

    VP Services and Communications, Josh, is going to speak to First Buses about the idea.


    July 25th

    The 2016-17 Executive team at an Exec meeting decided that VP Services and Communications will make this idea forward and open discussions with First Buses.


    AUGUST 16th

    We have opened up correspondence with First Bus and bought forward the idea. After discussion, the idea has been forwarded on to the First Essex network planning team who regularly review the network and ensure that routes are suitable and convenient for all customers. We are currently awaiting a response from First Bus.


    OCTOBER 26th

    We have heard nothing from First Bus, so we have emailed again. Unfortunately, the email we received was sent from a different employee but contained the same content as the previous emails we received.


    March 16th

    First bus have been very unresponsive to this issue. They were last contacted in 2016 . VP Services and Communications will be contacting them again and is looking for alternative contacts to push this issue further with.


    OCTOBER 4th

    VP Services and Comms will be having a meeting with the First Bus representatives to discuss the idea.


    January 25th

    VP Services and Communications had a meeting with representants for First Bus in which new improvements were discussed. 

    We are searching for a way to bring the company and the students together in order to discuss the idea.


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