Reducing the laundry cost

Reducing the laundry cost


The Laundry cost on campus has been increasing; costs at least £4 for a wash and dry (excluding the cost of washing liquid). With minimal scope to directly intervene in the student-facing price.

The cost of living at Essex is already considerable, therefore, high laundry charges put an additional financial burden on students who are already struggling to cope financially. That laundry charges are in expensive and not good value for money, especially as the University appear to be unable to directly set the price.

The SU should push for cheaper laundry prices. The SU Sabbatical Officers to campaign on making laundry cheaper; also work with university in addressing the cost of both the launderette to see the scope of ensuring the student moving in in 2016-17 receive some credit to effectively offset against the price increase, without increasing rent cost.


Ali Al-Ansare







    NOVEMBER 3rd

    Idea approved.



    The Students' Union executive have met to discuss this idea. The exec have decided to refer this onto an All Student Meeting for further discussion on the cost of laundry. Meeting with be held by November 23rd.


    DECEMBER 8th

    The idea was voted on after an All Student Meeting and passed. The Students' Union will now work on the idea.


    DECEMBER 11th

    The idea was voted on after an All Student Meeting and passed. The Students' Union will now work on the idea. VP Services and Communications, Josh, is currently in discussions with the University regarding the contract that they have with circuit. There is currently no budget on the current conditions, however the University, VP Education and VP Services and Communications are looking at alternative solutions.


    MAY 3RD

    VP Services and Communications met with the accommodation department. After this meeting it was revealed that reducing the cost of laundry is not possible due to a current contract with the service provider Circuit. This contract doesn't come to an end for a number of years and actually states the cost will rise by 10p for a wash per year. VP Education is having further discussions with the University.


    July 14th

    VP Education reached out to the Head of Health and Human Sciences to discuss options available for HHS Students.


    July 25th

    The 2016-17 Executive team at an Exec meeting decided that VP Education, Josh, and VP Southend, Ernest, will take this idea forward.



    The university is tied into a contract with Circuit for a couple more years, and so with regards to the actual price there isn’t anything that the University can do. With regards to Southend Nurses and the rebate, we are expecting a response from the Head of Health and Human Sciences.


    March 17th

    We have not made significant progress on this idea yet but we are in discussions with the University (work is ongoing).



    The SU have asked the University to take over the contract when it ends. We cannot change the laundry costs before then because of the contract.


    june 22nd

    This update is similar to the last. VP Southend and VP Services and Comms have advised that the executive team cannot do anything to change the laundry costs until the University takes over the laundry contract, which will be when the current contract ends in 2020. Until this time, Circuit are responsible for setting the prices. However, there are clauses in the contract that Circuit have to maintain the Launderette equipment to a high standard, which VP Services and Comms raised at their last meeting with Circuit. VP Services and Comms also released a short video explaining more information on the Launderette contract and the outcomes of their last meeting (which can be found here).


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