Improve our student centre

Improve our Silberrad Student Centre


The Student Centre is a useful space, and many students are now using these 24h facilities. However, there are some aspects of the building that could be made more student friendly. I would like to ask the SU to campaign for the following changes.

Make it more student focused:

1.    Outside normal hours, hot drinks outlets are closed. Hot-drinks machines could be installed, this would provide some basic facilities for students studying through the night.

2.    Create a common room / kitchen area (with warm water & microwave) so students could take study breaks, or heat up food from home. Perhaps use the space of the VIP waiting room outside the Lakeview Room which is currently occupied by executive seats and not students accessible.

3.    Review if the reception area layout could be improved. For example, if it is appropriate to install moveable study or social area, with a view of the lake. It is currently not being used as effectively with considerable empty space.

4.    The University should consider installing massage chairs in the Silberrad Student Centre.

5.     Noise is often noticeable. If a small area at the back of the Reading area (2nd floor) could be designated as a quiet area with signage - it would help those who need extra quietness considerably.


Better I.T:

1.     Installing printers upstairs in the Reading Room would save the students from collecting printouts at the downstairs printers.

2.     Throughout the building, more PCss would also be very useful as there is often little or no availability, at peak times. Also the PC & projector screens are unusually reflective in the Silberrad Student Centre; non-reflective filters would help.

3.     Mobile signal is poor inside (library extension too) as result drains the battery of phones really fast; perhaps a signal booster could be added to improve signal in certain areas of the building.


General usability:

1.     Many of the doors are heavy, such as those to the creative studios, to improve accessibility for wheelchair users these could be automatic or have the facility to be held open.

2.     A footpath towards the North Towers, and Teaching Centre, and the addition of a ground floor rear entrance at the back of the building would allow students better access to and from North campus.

3.     The student support meeting rooms should have tinted windows so that those outside the building cannot look directly into what are sometimes personal meetings; those interview pods in the student area should be student accessible.

4.     Addition of more bins would reduce the likelihood of rubbish being left at desks or on the floor.

5.     Finally, providing disposable plastic cups by the water fountains would be an inexpensive way to allow more students to access this facility and stay hydrated during the studies.


Rosie Redstone








    JANUARY 11th

    Idea approved.


    January 25th

    This idea will be discussed at the next Students' Union Executive meeting on January 29th.


    FEBRUARY 4th

    The idea has been deferred to the Sabb Debrief meeting for further discussions.


    FEBRUARY 9th

    The Sabbatical Officers discussed the idea. A student committee is being set up to help run the Silberrad Centre. President, Adrian, is reviewing the membership of this committee.


    MARCH 14th

    We are in discussions with the University regarding a 24 hour hot drinks machine. The aim is to have this installed after the spring break on the ground floor of the Silberrad Centre.


    MAY 3RD

    A coffee machine was installed on the ground floor of the Silberrad Centre.


    July 25th

    The 2016-17 Executive team at an Exec meeting decided that VP Welfare and Community, Jess, VP International, Saffy, Open-Portfolio Officer, Emma, and Disabled Students' Officer Alicia will take the outstanding actions of this idea forward.


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