Wheelchair Access to the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy



I am a 2nd Year student, and also a wheelchair user. I wish for the entrance to the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy to have a secondary wheelchair access. Currently, I can only access it via entrance on square 4, and the Bridge on Square 2, but it takes me to floor 5B, then i have to go around the building, to get to floor 3. However, if there is a fire and i cannot escape by the door in the Worship Area 1 or the lift by the Under Podia parking, the only other way is by the steps that you go to via the entrance on square 2. In the case of a fire, those two lifts are 500 metres or so from each other, and in the same area. During my first week last year (14/15) my friends only knew the one way, and had to help me with my wheelchair to get there by carrying it. I feel that it would be better if you could turn those  few steps into a a small ramp. I hope that you consider this idea.



Benjamin Plant








    JANUARY 13th

    Idea approved.


    JANUARY 23rd

    VP International, Christine, is going to take the idea forward and liaise with the University.


    APRIL 22nd

    Improvements to wheelchair access to the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy was scheduled to take part in the second phase of development of the Chaplaincy. However the second phase of development is no longer taking place. This will be taken back to the Executive committee to discuss the course of action.


    July 25th

    The 2016-17 Executive team at an Exec meeting decided that VP Welfare and Community, Jess, and the Disabled Students' Officer, Alicia, will take this idea forward.


    March 15th

    Jess has spoken to students and the lifts to the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy have been fixed.


    October 4th

    We are now looking into how the changes will affect the health and safety procedures. 


    November 7th

    The idea has been discussed in the last Execs meeting and it will be continued under the remit of the VP Welfare, who will raise it at the next Essex Access Forum (EAF).


    February 15th

    The Executive Team has decided to formally move the responsibility for the idea to Yasmin due to Masud no longer being on the executive. However, she has been working on the idea in all but name before this point. She informed the executive that the amount of construction work that would be required for a wheelchair ramp means that the University will be unwilling to add one, however, improved signposting of accessable routes is possible.


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