Create a student accessible Plagiarism Checker



The idea is for the University to introduce an online plagiarism checker, so students could check their draft coursework before the submitting them. This could reduce the amount of academic offence. Some UK Universities already have it.

It could be integrated into FASER:

1.         Upload a coursework as a draft document to FASER (as usual)

2.         You can get a plagiarism check report for the draft document, amend the draft if you wish. Using the checker would not affect the academic standing.

3.         Mark the coursework as final to complete the upload. The normal academic policy applies if the finalised work triggers.

While the departments are usually effective in inform students to avoid plagiarism - students could still worry about accidentally triggering the plagiarism offence. This checker would offer a peace of mind in a grown-up way. You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. Moreover, a University approved checker is better than the unreliable 3rd-party checker available (which might steal your work!).

The University already has a Turnitin / Ephorus plagiarism checker subscription; moreover, the plagiarism check feature is already available for the departments’ staff, so making a student accessible version should not be difficult for the developers who works on FASER.

The number of checks per assignment, and the student accessible aspect of the report would have to be agreed by the University/Dept/SU. A usage guide could be made available to help students to understand the report.


Emeka Onwuezobe








    FEBRUARY 9th

    This idea will be discussed at the next Students' Union Executive meeting on February 9th.


    July 25th

    The 2016-17 Executive team at an Exec meeting decided that VP Education, Josh, will take this idea forward and discuss options with the University.


    OCTOBER 26th

    This will be considered as part of the University’s work into Making Electronic Feedback Effective, and revamping Assessment and Feedback.


    NOVEMBER 9th

    There has now been a university group set up to look at how academics use technology. VP Education plans on bringing this to the group, and assessing the way forward from there.


    March 17th

    This idea has been raised a number of times with the university but no progress has yet been made. It will be taken to a committee at the end of March and we will update the idea after the meeting.


    january 25th

    After long discussions with the University in which we have highlighted the usefulness of such a system we have not managed to come to an agreement. The University insists that it will allow students to commit plagiarism and then just reword their work to reach the bare minimum level to get away with it.



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