Keep our Essex email after graduation

Keep our Essex email after graduation


Our Essex Uni email gets deleted soon after graduation. 

This feels really hurried and unwelcoming; as if someone’s in a rush to slam the door when you’re barely gone. This could also be very inconvenient for recent graduates, suddenly having to move forward their old emails all-over (whilst busy searching for jobs).

IT helpdesk only let you have a short extension (e.g. 1-3 month), this is little known and intended as a short extension only.
Essex’s email system is are hosted by Microsoft 365 - and the University does not incur significant cost to let the students keep it longer (excl. staff cost).  
The idea of keeping the Essex “email for life” seems great at first. However, most Unis are moving away from such system. They see it as difficult to maintain (reputation risks, low usage, etc) and only used by a very few, so “email for life” is unlikely at Essex.
Alumni association just need 1 email to reach you - after graduation this happens to be the personal / new work email (many alumni prefers those); so having an Essex email isn’t necessarily such a priority for them.

This idea is for the SU to work with the Uni: 
See we could keep the Essex email for life.
If the Essex email for life is not possible, let students opt-in for a consistent 12 month Essex email extension before its deletion. This gives students an easy and worry free way to transit into the graduate world, and only requires minimal maintenance. If you don’t need it there is no need to opt-in.
From 2016 class onwards.


Ludvig Kihlman







    MAY 13TH

    Idea approved.


    JUNE 23RD

    The idea was approved at the Students' Union Executive Meeting. This idea will be worked on by the 2016-17 Executive Officer team.


    July 25th

    The 2016-17 Executive team at an Exec meeting decided that VP Education, Josh, will take this idea forward.


    AUGUST 8th

    The University is not in favour of this idea as majority of sector doesn’t do this and from those who are doing it 40% no longer wants to offer it any more. We are now in conversation with the University about enabling email accounts to be active for up to 1 year after graduation.



    Other University research suggests that this is expensive and underused, so we are looking at extending the period beyond 3 months.


    March 17th

    We need to work more on this idea. We will try to work with Alumni office in order to extend the time students can keep their essex email after graduation (we may have a Question of the Week on it in the near future).


    january 25TH

    University is working on keeping a time that is practical for students whilst not being a burden on their systems or security.


    june 11th 

    VP Education is to meet with the head of IT services to discuss different approaches with this idea. IT have expressed concerns around security, as an active email address would give people access to other University systems (which graduates and alumni shouldn't necesarily have access to), such as Library services and the ability to purchase student event tickets. Also, if these systems were abused by a graduate or Alumni, then there would be no accountability for it. Whereas, there would be accountability if a current student were to do it. VP Education is looking at other options with IT to get around this issue, such as: whether it would be possible to block access to the actual email account after graduation, but set up a re-direct service, so any emails would  automatically get forwarded to a personal email account instead. 


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