Instruments for all

Instruments for All


The amount of work students are assigned can sometimes be very hectic irrespective of departments. It is my strong belief students should find ways they can relax while at the university. The concept of "instruments for all" is similar to the very successful languages for all program. Students should be allowed to learn a musical instrument of their choice for one academic year. There are a vast range of instruments from the violin to the piano. The benefits of learning a musical instrument are enormous. Some of which include:
1. It creates a sense of achievement.
Have you ever wondered what multilinguals feel when they communicate in several languages. It is very similar to what a multi-instrumentalist would feel.
2. It's an excellent step to expanding your cv. Modern times, a degree isn't just the only way to get that job. Employers fancy young people with unique range of talents. It brings a sense of diversity to their companies.
3. It is good for mental health. I can attest to this because at a point in my life, learning a musical instrument helped me relax and carry out multiple tasks.
4. Sharpens your concentration.
Playing music by yourself requires you to concentrate on things like pitch, rhythm, tempo, note duration, and quality of sound. Playing music in a group involves even more concentration because you must learn to not only hear yourself, but you must listen to all the other sections and play in harmony with the rest of the group.


Philip Akoda







    October 4th

    We have contacted a couple of persons who may be able to facilitate this. Once they will respond we will look into developing the idea further.


    November 21st

    Colchester Music School, a potential partner in delivering the courses with which we have discussed,  is funded by the Arts Council and their requirement is that students should be under 18. Unfortunately this means that our students can’t simply latch on to their system and benefit from it however he is in support of the idea and is working with Sam on creating a new alternative system that would have to work with private music teachers as he knows quite a few.

    The next step would be to bring someone within the University who could possibly tell him how much support from the University is available and whether we can set up a private music teaching system.


    January 25th

    VP Student Activities, Sam Miles, will submit a report that highlights the benefits of learning a musical instrument within higher education (benefits on sense of achievement, personal development, academic performance, well-being etc.) towards the end of the term.


    june 5th

    A survey was recently conducted on campus asking the benefits of music to students in regards to their well-being, sense of achievement and personal development. The SU Marketing Intelligence Team are analysing the data from this survey, which the VP Student Activities will then use to compile a report. The report will have a target completion date for the end of June. This idea will then be handed over to the incoming VP Student Activities to take forward. 


Radu Gherman
3:10pm on 24 Oct 17 As someone who plays an instrument, I can vouch for this one.
Alexandru Ilie
5:32pm on 23 Aug 17 Wonderful idea, would definitely have a great success. Combine it with singing lessons as well, and this will be a blast.
Eden Plummer
6:16pm on 22 Aug 17 Where are you planning on getting the money for tutors, instrument maintenance and sheet music from?
Ho Chan
4:07am on 21 Aug 17 Wonderful idea. i also knew that there is free african drumming workshop at the hex every Wednesday 6-8pm. It is how I started learning the hand drum few years ago. Really an amazing instrument I played at Essex too
Jakub Chmielewski
7:25pm on 20 Aug 17 Playing an instrument is not only an extra-curricular activity, it can become your hobby or life passion. This is the best idea I ever heard of, I think everybody should be given that chance, since it just feels great to know how to play on something - talking from personal experience!
Esther Musa
4:38pm on 20 Aug 17 Awesome idea!
Matthew Bond
2:11pm on 20 Aug 17 awesome idea - particularly as it can be so expensive to get into on your own
Jack Pittman
1:29am on 20 Aug 17 Great idea! Include singing lessons in that and even better!
Vera Salgueiro Costa Silva
11:30pm on 19 Aug 17 i have wanted to learn an intrument for so long this makes me very happy and i hope it happens!
Emilia Ilieva
7:43pm on 19 Aug 17 Great idea!