Signs at the lakes for not feeding the ducks

Signs at the lakes for not feeding the ducks


The Animal Protection society would like to petition for signs to be added at the lakes which will contain information on what the ducks can and cannot eat. For example, a common misconception is that ducks can eat bread, which is regularly fed to them by unknowing students, but actually bread is bad for them since it has no nutritional value and can trigger algae blooms which deplete the water from oxygen. Examples of food that people could feed the ducks instead are corn, lettuce, peas, oats and seeds. 


Marilena Ioannou







    October 25th

    The idea has passed the voting stage and will be discussed in the next Executive Meeting.


    November 14th

    VP Welfare is working with the Estates and the marketing team to ensure that the idea is done.


    Febraury 15th

    The Executive Team has decided to move responsibility for the idea to Tancrede due to Masud no longer being on the executive


    june 5th

    The University is working on a big scale replacement and rewording of signs. This particular signage should be included as part of that plan. This is likely to oocur in the 2018-19 academic year. 


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HOW it works

  1. Once the idea has been approved students will have 5 days to make suggestions to improve the idea.
  2. If suggestions are made and accepted by the proposer than the Union Chair will approve the final idea before voting opens.
  3. Voting will then open for five days.
  4. Ideas will only be considered by the Students' Union Executive if they receive at least 25 yes votes or 40% of the vote being yes, which ever number is the greatest.
  5. The idea will be accepted by the Executive if over 60% of the vote supports the idea. If it is inbetween 40% and 60% it will be referred to an All Student Meeting. If the idea gets over 60% of members supporting the Students' Union Executive can still refer the idea to an All Student Meeting.

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