Student Ideas

how it works

Any student can submit an idea, big or small. It can range from local to national issues, affect all campuses or just one, and be about anything that you want the Students' Union to do.

Once your idea has been approved it'll appear on the website. It's up to you to to promote your idea and get people to vote. We'll help out where we can.

If there's a lot of support for the idea we'll start working towards it*. If it's not clear whether students support it, we'll hold an All Student Meeting for more debate. This meeting will be streamed online and then there'll be a vote. If students vote in favour of the idea at this point the Students' Union will start working towards it. 

The student that submitted the idea can also get involved in leading the development of the idea if approved.

If students do not vote through the idea, then the idea fails. The proposer can take the idea through referendum.

All the rules are explained in Bye-Law 3.

*The Students' Union Executive may refer an idea at this stage to an All Student Meeting if they feel that students require more information about the idea.

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With people being busy around the end of term, it leaves very little chance for some who live off campus to give Christmas cards to friends...

By: Alex Kemp

Voting Opens: 11th of December

Voting Ends: 15th of December

Cheaper temporary accommodation

As a postgraduate I only come to campus every couple of weeks and from time to time I need to stay over night. Although I have now solved my own accommodation issue, I have wasted valuable time looking for bed & breakfast when I should be studying...

By: Elaine Ewart

Voting Opens: 21st of December

Voting Ends: 25th of December