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IDEAS THAT we've completed

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 Plastic Policy 

Create a Crying Corner 

Reduce the rents at University of Essex

Tancrede Chartier

Tancrede Chartier 

Zoe Garshong

July 26th 2018

July 16th 2018

June 14th

  Ecosia website Tancrede Chartier  June 5th
  Smoothies in the Kitchen or SU Bar Tancrede Chartier May 29th
  BDS renewal Motion   March 21st
  Improvements to common room Ernest Nyarko Jan 31st
  Install Opendyslexic font on all machines Ellie Grace, Edmund Walker Jan 25th
  Book fare Ernest Nyarko Nov 28th
  Liberation Budgets   Nov 28th
  Deck chairs Tancrede Chartier Nov 7th
  Student DJ Saturday Nights @ Sub Zero Sam Miles, Zoe Garshong Oct 31st
  Introduce dog therapy Masud Abdulkadir Oct 18th
  Trans Officer Josh Gulrajani, Taran Baragwanath May 19th
  Nap room Josh Gulrajani, Zoe Garshong Mar 17th
  Essex Students' Union and the UCU Strike   Feb 26th


IDEAS THAT we're working on 

  Rice Husk Coffee Cups Tancrede Chartier June 26th
  Offer sign language as part of the LFA programme Ellie Grace, Edmund Walker, Jestin Bartlett June 22nd 
  University Food Outlets Recycling Tancrede Chartier June 20th
  Southend - SU support with Housing  Ernest Nyarko June 14th
  Keep our essex email after graduation Edmund Walker June 11th
  Instruments for all Sam Miles June 5th
  Room bookings Sam Miles, Tancrede Chartier June 5th
  New coffees in the Kitchen Tancrede Chartier June 5th
  Signs at the lakes for not feeding the ducks Tancrede Chartier June 5th
  Kpop party night   June 5th
  Cheaper temporary accommodation Tancrede Chartier, Patrick Davey Feb 15th
  Child-friendly room Edmund Walker, Tancrede Chartier Feb 15th
  Wheelchair access to the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Zoe Garshong Feb 15th
  Improvements to first buses Tancrede Chartier Jan 25th
  Get Rid of the Exam Resit Fees Zoe Garshong Nov 28th
  Improve our Silberrad Centre Zoe Garshong, Edmund Walker Jul 25th

IDEAS THAT we're unable to do

Officer working on it
Last Update
  Reducing the laundry cost Ernest Nyarko June 22nd
  Scrap resubmission fees Zoe Garshong, Edmund Walker June 11th
  Public gym equipment Sam Miles June 5th
  Show calorie amounts on SU Food menus Tancrede Chartier  June 5th
  Put the Union Jack on the library flagpole Zoe Garshong Nov 28th
  Create a student accessible plagiarism checker Edmund Walker Jun 25th
  Electronics watch affiliation Tancrede Chartier, Masud Abdulkadir Oct 4th

IDEAS THAT you haven't supported

Officer working on it
Last Update
  BDS Policy Amendment Zoe Garshong May 29th
  24 Hour Race   May 14th
  Proposal of interview/assessment day bursary plan   Apr 20th
  Animal comfort day   Mar 12th
  Christmas Letterbox (Next Year)   Jan 22nd
  Reforming Sabb Roles   Nov 28th
  Spirit Week   Nov 28th
  Listen again   Nov 14th
  Saving energy, saving the planet   Oct 25th
  My daily take away coffee cup   Oct 25th
  Students's garage sale   Oct 3rd
  Time banking Sam Miles  Oct 3rd
  SU Lounge - Saturday Opening Ernest Nyarko  July 31st