Sabb Roles Referendum

Reforming Sabb Roles 


The current sabbatical job descriptions are out of date and inaccurate.We need to change these role descriptions to reflect the roles officers are actually doing and we would like to hold a referendum to ensure all students are able to have their say on what they roles should be.Do you agree or disagree? 


Zoe Garshong 


All Campuses





    November 28th

    The idea didn't receive enough votes to pass. 


Lewis Brown
3:59pm on 23 Nov 17 This might be one of the most idiotic things I've heard. Just when you think the SU couldn't present themselves as any more stupid...
Eric McKenzie
10:45pm on 21 Nov 17 It would help me if I had a little bit more information about why and how the current posts are no longer fit for purpose and also a suggestion or two to of the new types of roles that might be be introduced to illustrate the new functions that need to be carried out but are not reflected in the current sabbatical officersjob descriptions.
Sarah Ryder
4:36pm on 21 Nov 17 I'm a bit confused by this. So would the referendum be that we would vote to change the sabbatical officers role (thats already been decided) or are we voting to decide what we believe the sabbatical officers role should be?

HOW it works

  1. Once the idea has been approved students will have 5 days to make suggestions to improve the idea.
  2. If suggestions are made and accepted by the proposer than the Union Chair will approve the final idea before voting opens.
  3. Voting will then open for five days.
  4. Ideas will only be considered by the Students' Union Executive if they receive at least 25 yes votes or 40% of the vote being yes, which ever number is the greatest.
  5. The idea will be accepted by the Executive if over 60% of the vote supports the idea. If it is inbetween 40% and 60% it will be referred to an All Student Meeting. If the idea gets over 60% of members supporting the Students' Union Executive can still refer the idea to an All Student Meeting.

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