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Europe week

Events coming up this week

- Monday: European Society - Europe week opening ceremony: European Flag Parade (12-2pm on SQ3)

              - Musical Theatre Appreciation Society - European Potluck, 5A.108, 7:30pm-9pm


- Tuesday: Get Creative Workshop, Hex, 6pm-8pm

               - LGBTQ+ Cultural Society Show and Tell: bring something that reminds you of your home in Europe, 1-3pm,  Top Bar.


- Thursday: Talent Development Centre - British Culture and Society Seminar, 1-2pm, Room: 5A.118

                   - International Awards, ICLH, 7-11pm

                   - Model UN - European UN Trivia, 11-3pm, SQ3.


Friday: European Street Party, 4pm-8pm, SQ3


-> So far we have had the European parade of flag and it was successful with 30 countries represented! Massice thank you to European society for hosting the event and Monica Illsley for coming to speak. Excited for the rest of the week & will give a full update on how it went next week!

Europe week prep


This week I've not done much besides prepare for everything that is happening during euro week (ISA Awards included) so not much to update on besides drowing in so many flags! So excited to see how next week goes and will give you a proper rundown soon!

Council Induction

As President-elect I was invited to a Council Induction session, where I got to find out more of what the highest university committee does and makes decisions on. From July I will be taking over from Tanki as the Students' Union member of Council. 

Week update

- International awards: the nominations for International Awards are now live and there are 7 different awards for students to nominate people for.

- Europe week: deadline for student groups to show interest is on Monday 8th April. Events for sq3 and sq4 are starting to be finalised for Colchester campus. Currently working with VP Southend to co-ordinate the events happening in Southend. Looking to hold some events on Loughton camous, however classes run 9-6 so trying to find events at times that works with the students.

- Conference: I presented at a conference around enhancing the international student experience, which was chaired by member of parliment Baroness Uddin, where I spoke on the extra-curricular activities available for interenational students at Essex and the support available through the SU. A number of delegates from different universities were interested in our SU Advice, the number of cultural societies, ISA and the global nature of Essex. Some universities also stated that they would like some advice on how to work with their SUs to create a VP International position as they do not have full time representatives at their unions. 

One quote that stood out from the conference:

"We cannot simply play lip service to calling ourselves global and international universities, but we should work harder to live it"

Enhancing the International Student Experience in UK Higher Education Conference

This week I have been preparing for a presentation I will be giving at a conference focused on International student experience in the UK. 

My session involves:

Delivering an Outstanding Extra-Curricular Experience for International Students
  • Discussing the role that social clubs, sports clubs, societies and other extra-curricular activities have in delivering a quality experience for international students and helping them get the most out of their time at a UK HEI

  • Creating a 15,000 strong student-centred organisation that drives conversation around offering the best support for international students that come from 135 different countries, and how to ensure optimum integration across campus

  • Sharing the range of guidance available online that provides reassurance and comfort for students prior to arriving in the UK, and after starting their course, including tips on making friends, unique aspects of British culture, and emergency contacts to know

  • Understanding how the 37 cultural societies of the International Students Association can support students who are feeling homesick including by arranging ‘food from home’ events and discussion forums to share thoughts and experiences

Europe Week update

We’re holding Europe week from the 29th April – 3rd May. The purpose of the week is to celebrate and experience European cultures on our campus. Most of the week will be different groups, whether students or the uni, putting on events to celebrate different European cultures, but the biggest event is on the Friday.

On Friday the 3rd May from 4pm-8pm we will be hosting a European Street Party – the plan for square 3: have different stalls selling foods from different European countries, craft stalls, a stage with live music and an area for performances. Plan for Square 4: laid out with benches in a European map style formation and this is where I have invited societies/student groups to hold different events! The idea is for people attending to “travel around Europe” – in each “country” there will be a society/group of students hosting an activity such as food tasting, language cafes, etc. 

Plans I'm working on for term 3

Over the next few weeks I will be working on:

- ISA Awards: This will be with the ISA exec. This award is to celebrate the incredible work International students have achieved this year within our university community, with the local community and around the world. There will be 7 different categories students can be nominated for - one of them being the highly coveted International Student of the Year award (awarded to 3 students with a £2,000 tuition fee waiver prize)

- Europe week: This is a project I'm working on with members of the SU aswell as the University. This week is to celebrate the incredible work done by our European communities - both staff and students - and showcasing what Europe has to offer at Essex. Stay posted for more information of this incredible week!

Term 2 Summary

  • National Insurance Number Interviews - 2 sessions in total with over 150 students seen
  • Lunar New year celebration - ISA were instrumental in liasing with different societies and co-ordinated a brilliant celebration
  • One World Essex
  • Holi