vice-president international


Hiya, I am the representative and voice for international students this year. Here's a little bit about me:

I’m from Vietnam

My Favourite Anime: One Piece

My Favourite Series: Friends

My Favourite Team: Chelsea

My Favourite Band: Imagine Dragons.


Though I have been at Essex for 4 years (I'm almost ancient, I know) I don't know everything yet, so if there's anything concerning you as an international student, drop me an email!


Send me an email


  • Successfully held third and final National Insurance Number interview of the term 
  • Held ISA interviews and successfully recruited ISA team consisted of 6 execs
  • Held ISA committee meeting to introduce the exec team and set out plans for the upcoming term
  • Supported to run the splash event for Shaping Relevant Membership 

1-month Updates:

  • ISA executive application close on 24/11, currently, we have 9 applications, expected to hold interviews next week with the new executive team to start their post the week after (week commencing 2/12)
  • Held a vigil for 39 victims of Grays, Essex incident. The vigil was to show our condolences to the victims and their families, also to stand in solidarity with our Vietnamese students and to express that Essex stand wit refugees and asylum seekers
  • Successfully held 2 NIN interview sessions for students, estimated about 170 students got their interviews. Third session to follow up on 05/12 in which another 60 students will have their interview. There will be potential for another session next term for Spring-start students
  • ISA student initiate events: Polish independence day (11/11), Albanian independence day (29/11)
  • Diwali was successfully organised in collaboration with Indian and Tamil societies over 2 days: 2,3/11; estimated turn out respectively: 60, 90
  • Big Plan (Environment):
    • Went to Nottingham Trent university sustainability conference together with VP Community & Welfare. We are currently feeding ideas back to the Environment Big Plan team 
    • Successfully meet up with the council team and are working forward to build a long-term relationship with them
    • Preparing to launch Feel Good Friday which will be our weekly day dedicated to 'environment'


Trainings and preperation:

Attended all training and planning sessions

Assigned to chair Audit & risk committee of the union

Lead on the Environment big plan


Individual works:

I started on the international welcome booklet, finished the draft and sent over to Natalie for review. Also, rebooted the Loughton version, Jordan is currently working on it and will send over once it’s done.

I have been reviewing the ISA constitution and will be meeting with Asha and Natalie on the 15th to review it.

Proposed the idea of ‘chill n chat’ regular project which is a weekly event for student to ‘try out’ societies and also helping to reduce loneliness by ‘targeting’ (not exclusively) unengaged student population. I received feedback back from Johnny and will working on it when we back in the office.

International mixer has been booked and will be on the 3rd of October


Environment Big Plan:

  • Working with Johnny and Ana to deliver Mountain rubbish in the second week of the autumn term

Attended and completed the Mental Health First Aid course

Meeting with university staff regarding international services and information given out during arrival and pre-arrival period


Continuing working on all project (all are on track)

All ongoing projects:

  • Mid-autumn moon festival (next Monday)
  • UEIC Welcome week (next Tuesday ad Wednesday)
  • Welcome week
  • International mixer (03/10)


Plastic mountain has been approved and on track to be delivered on 07/10

Ran first event – Mid autumn moon festival 16/09

Gave a SU welcome presentation to International College students and Regional International Offices staff

Went to UEIC Information fair on 18/09 along with vTeam and Just Play to talk to new students about the SU

Continue preparing for Fresher week and International Mixer on the week after


The focus was on Freshers' week where I rushed to finish putting together the International Welcome package as well as International and Departmental talks.

Fresher week

Mon: All day talks for international students at English assessment briefing. This proved to be a very good way to communicate with international students and handing out the package

Tue: Welcome day in Loughton. I was down in Loughton for a day to welcome new students to E15

Wed: Fresher fair in Southend. I was down in Southend from early afternoon to help them with their Freshers' fair

Thu: Departmental talks during the day. In the late afternoon, I hold the International Mixer where we welcomed nearly 300 students

Fri: All day departmental talks

Sat: Fresher fair, I represented ISA to handing out Welcome packages and act as a station for students to sign for NIN interviews


Rubbish mountain, our first Big Plan splash happened on Monday 7/10 where we put together and display a pile of unbinned rubbish that was collected from Square for the whole of Freshers' week. We also put on an info wall to showcase some of the things the uni and SU have done to make this campus greener. The wall also has a section for students to write down their commitment to the environment.

Stats: We talked to more than 100 students and collect nearly 200 commitments