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Looking for something good to add to your CV? This role could be for you!


A massive congratulations to Women's Rugby on winning Club of the Year. Here is a little insight into all they have been up to this year to achieve the award.


Take a look at those who were awarded for a great year, even under such tough circumstances.

Your Black Officer, Andrea, has done some amazing work...

Andrea has been praised for her role in a recent Battle Against Racism webinar organised by the University of Antwerp.

This isn’t a win for freedom of speech, it’s a loss for our trans community

Read our response to the University-commissioned Reindorf Review.

Voting is open!

It's time to decide who you want to be your Parliament Representatives and Student Community Officer's for the next year. Voting closes Wednesday 26th May 4pm.

Violence in Palestine: our position and the actions we're taking

Read our response to the violence in Palestine.

Leadership Race: Nominations OPEN!

You have already selected your Sabbatical Officer team, but now we need our Student Community Officers and Parliament Representatives in place.

SU Spaces Roadmap

Are you ready?! We're re-opening!

Join our Essex SU Exam Mode Community Facebook Group

This Exams season you can expect the BIGGEST ever Exams support to help us all get through Exams. We're 100% here for you.

COVID-19 Impact on University of Essex Finances

Information on how tuition fees are spent by the university.

RAG Week

Find out how you can donate or get involved with fundraising this week...

A statement from the women leaders of the Students’ Union

TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual harassment and violence

Leadership Race: Meet the Winners

Aaaaand the winners are...

Leadership Race: Watch the Results Live!

Friday 12th March | 6PM | YouTube