Mature students officer

How does it work?

As a part time office you need to:

Be responsible for representing issues facing the community the officer represents at Essex and to encourage the participation of these students in the work of the Union and the life of the University.

your responsibilities

Ensure that the Union is effective in its representation of the community they represent within the University and that the Union is sensitive to these students’ needs and issues. 

Ensure that regular meetings for the community they represent are held during term time, and to support the organisation and running of these meetings.


Support in ensuring the community they represent are aware of activities and events which affect them. Raise awareness amongst the University community of issues affecting the community they represent.


don't forget that you need to

Build networks and connections with the community they represent, including with relevant societies, University and Union staff.


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Thank You!

So we are two thirds of the way through Decision term. We have finished the Big Plan and a massive ‘Thank You ‘to all who contributed.


When voting at the University of Essex Students' Union - not everyone is able to vote for all roles. Why?

It's time to decide!

We asked our members, “What matters to you?” The results of that question are in and it's now time to vote on which of these issues matter the most to you.


Full Time Roles

Part Time Roles