LGBT+ History Month


February is LGBT+ History Month and here at Essex we will be celebrating the month with arts and cluture. Over the course of the month we, the Students Union, in collaboration with Societies will be hosting events throughout Febraury to celebrating LGBT+ history and LGBT+ future.

Get involved; learn something new, and embrace diversity with us this February.

Find out about the history of LGBT+ at Essex here




Vinnosh jaya kumur


Are you aN LGBT+ student?
join the network.

The LGBT+ Students' Network brings together all students from across all 3 campuses that identify as a member of the LGBT+ community. It's a support network and social group that aims to:

  • Enable students to come together to share information and provide support. 
  • Provide social activities and representation for the members. 
  • To ensure there is a comfortable and fully inclusive environment in which LGBT+ students can reach their full potential without fear of discrimination.
  • Provide a space to raise instances of bullying and harassment.