9th February  - Meet the manager
  • 14.00 to 15.00 | Location TBC
  • This is an opportunity to talk to the staff who run key departments in the SU to understand the role the elected officers play in these departments to help you decide what role you may wish to run for
13 february - nominations open:
  • This is the phase where you can put yourself forward for 1 of the 8 roles
  • You can only nominate yourself for one role
  • You will need to submit a photo of yourself, a 30 word summary and a longer piece explaining why students should vote for you (this information will be used by the SU to promote that you are a candidate in the election)
26 february - nominations close:
  • You will need to watch the candidate briefing, trustee briefing and sign the rules - this commits you to the process
  • You can start working on your campaign materials. You can't share these until campaigning starts
27 feb - 3 mar - Meet the Manager sessions

Following nominations closing this is an opportunity to talk to the managers of the relevant departments. Anyone can attend any of these but we have suggested which would be the the most approriate for each role

  • 27th Feb 14.00 - VP Welfare –  Advice Centre
  • 27th Feb 15.00 - VP Community & Engagement – Engagement team 
  • 27th Feb 16.00 - VP Education – Education team 
  • 27th  Feb 16.00 - VP Southend – Southend team 
  • 28th Feb 11.00 - VP Student Experience – Student Activities 
  • 28th Feb - 13.00 - East 15 Loughton President - Education and Engagemnt team
  • 1st March 16.00 - VP International  - Engagement team 
  • 3rd  March 14.00 - President – Management team 
28 FEB - 8 MAR - Banner making opportunity

This will be held in the Atrium and paints and banner materials will be provided - anything else you wish to use, you must provide and will come outr of your budget

  • 28th Feb 12.00 to 14.00
  • 1st March 12.00 to 14.00
  • 7th March 12.00 to 14.00
  • 8th March 12.00 to 14.00 


10 march - meet the candidates:
  • Essex SU will start promoting that you are running for a position in the SU Leadership Election. Essex SU accounts will only share the materials created on the filming day above
9-15 march - campaigning:
  • You can start promoting that you are running for a position in the SU Leadership Election
  • You will use this period to convince the student body that you are the best person for the role and that they should vote for you


14-15 march - voting:
  • Essex students will vote online or in the voting booths for their favourite candidates in each of the roles
15th March - Wrap Party
  • Voting is now over! This is an opportunity for you  to relax, have fun and thank your campaign team for all their hard work on your behalf. The results will not be announced until the following day so it will be a no pressure or stress event.


16 march - results:
  • Essex SU will announce the elected winners of each role