It’s time for you to take that next step and commit to running in the election. Nominations open on  2nd Oct - 20th Oct.

Don't worry if you feel you need more information. If you do, go back to the SU Leadership Election hub where there is loads of information to support you.

If you are ready to go, follow the information below and then scroll down to nominate yourself.



Please first check if you need to self-define before starting the process.

1. Click in the box below to commit to the decision

2. Enter your name and what position you are wanting to run for. You can only nominate for one position. Nominations close on 20th October

3. Submit your photos by 20th Ocotber. These will used on several different mediums, so please ensure they are of high quality.

4. Enter a 30 word slogan and say why students should vote for you. Please remember that Essex SU does not use manifestos the same way as other SU’s. This is not an opportunity to make promises to the students (no £35 million promise to NHS buses here please!). This is your opportunity to tell other students about you and why you would be good at the job. 

6. Once your nomination has been submitted you will receive further information from the Elections team

The full rules can be found here.

Any questions should be sent to 

No elections are currently running




Not everyone is eligible to stand or vote for all roles. The roles available to run for are listed here. However not every role may be available to you when you come to nominate yourself, unless you have self-defined as a certain category.


Like most (if not all) Students’ Unions across the country, when it comes to gender, race, sexuality, and disability we operate a self-definition system.

An example of one reason as to why we do this is because our students might not self-define with the same gender or sexuality as when they first started university. University is often a place of self- discovery and growth. It also abides to the ethos that we and the university are in no position to ‘place’ students in a box and it is for each individual to define their gender, sexuality, race, disability etc.

We also subscribe to the view that, as an example, someone who is not LGBTQ+, should not be included in the voting process for the person that will represent the LGBTQ+ community. This is the recommended approach since nationally it is perceived to be more enabling for and acceptable of people and their right to self-definition, whilst also building in an understanding that how someone can self-define is not set and could change.


Please visit the Elections Profile page.

If the above is not working, please do not hesitate to contact