East 15 new cafe space

what's happening?

Incase you hadn't noticed, there's a lot of building work on campus right now. There are two phases to the work. The first is the new library/learning centre which has now been completed. The second phase is for a new cafe/venue space.

The new Cafe space will have a longer bar, a better food service set up (including more tills to reduce queues), a space for a large, and a large screen and project to show films, and sports.

For now the cafe has moved into the ground floor of the Library/IT Hub building, but will be moving into its own purpose-built building as part of phase two.

If you'd like to know more, or if you've got any concerns, or suggestions for the new building, please get in touch with Maryhee, East 15 Loughton President.

latest timeline

July 2017

Moved out of the old Corbert Theatre Cafe building into a temporary space below the Library/IT Hub.

August 2017 Old Corbert Theatre Cafe/Bar demolished, and foundations for the new building start to be laid.
September 2017 Construction on the new cafe building continues. We start the new academic year in the temporary cafe space (please bear with while we're working out of this temporary space!).

January - February 2018 

Mid March 2018

Usual unexplained building construction delays



New cafe building expected to be completed.

what's it going to look like?

Check out the 360 view OF THE NEW CAFE-BAR SPACE here.