Start A Society

how to start a society

Firstly you will need to complete a society start up form.

Once you’ve filled in the form, complete with 5 signatures from current students who would be interested in joining, please return the form to me in the SU office next to The Corbett Theatre entrance.

You will also need to email Rae a code of conductconstitution and budget form for your society.

We will then consider your application and provided we have all the information we need, Rae will email you with a time and date to be ratified. You must be ratified by other members of the Societies Guild at a General Meeting which happen twice termly. The next Societies Guild General Meeting will be on (insert date)

At this meeting you will need to stand and present your society to other members of the guild. Don’t worry, it’s only 2 minutes where you explain the aims and objectives, nothing to worry about and no powerpoint presentations please. You may then receive some questions from the members of the guild about your activities. The members will then take a vote on whether they would like to ratify your society.

If and when you are ratified you will then be required to attend a training session where Rae will take you through everything you need to know to run your new society effectively. Once you have received this training you will then be free to start your activities. 


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