student conduct

The University operates its own rules and regulations regarding student conduct and behaviour and may take action against any student who is alleged to be in breach of these regulations.  If the University believes there is evidence to suggest a student's conduct is not in line with the regulations then the student is likely to be required to attend a conduct meeting with the Proctor or Assistant Proctor.  The Proctor's role is to investigate the allegation and where appropriate issue sanctions against breaches of the Student Conduct regulations.

If the allegation is of a serious nature, or the student has committed several previous offences, then they are likely to be required to attend a Student Conduct Committee.  The sanctions that can be issued by the committee if the student is found guilty may have severe consequences on a students future studies.  

SU Advice is here to help, support and guide you though the process.  Students' who are called to meet with the Proctor or a Conduct Committee have the right to seek advice and representation.  SU Advice is a confidential, independent and impartial service who can advise on the Conduct process, help you prepare and help represent you at the meetings and support you before during and after the process.  We are also there to ensure the university processes are adhered to.  We are run by the Students' Union and therefore are not part of the University.

If you have been called to a meeting with the Proctor or called before a Conduct Committee, please do not hesitate to book an appointment with SU Advice to discuss the allegation.  We can also book for someone to attend the meeting with you if this is something you would like.

Please see our home page for details of how to book an appointment.